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Checklist of cards from Psychic Splash (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
S1 Amaterasu Seraphina, Light Weapon Creature Super Rare
12 Antares, the Sting Assassin Creature Rare
41 Aqua Jack Creature Common
28 Belbel, Reaper Doll Creature Uncommon
14 Bernard Tyson, Blastdragon Creature Rare
13 Bird Stew Party Time! Spell Rare
11 Black Ganveet, Temporal Soldier/Darkness Ganveet, the Assassin Awakened Psychic Creature Rare
9 Blue Divine Dragon Canopus Creature Rare
43 Cute Whisper Creature Common
46 Dark Kilmajiro Creature Common
45 Dark Strike SP Creature Uncommon
24 Deepsea Doppel Creature Uncommon
42 Deepsea Resist Creature Common
S5 Diabolos Zeta, Temporal Ruler/Devil Diabolos Zeta, Evil Awakened Psychic Creature Super Rare
5 Final Doppel Evolution Creature Very Rare
38 Fista, the Oracle Creature Common
23 Five Star Blaster Spell Uncommon
1 Five Star, Temporal Luck/Lightning Five Star, Heavenly Luck Awakened Psychic Creature Very Rare
44 Fuuma Jacks Piccolo Creature Common
8 G Hogan, Temporal Star/Ocean G Hogan, the Best Awakened Psychic Creature Rare
18 Gagamaru, Phantom Earth Beast Creature Rare
29 Ganveet Blaster Spell Uncommon
16 Genji Aini Creature Rare
32 GENJI Blaster Spell Uncommon
4 GENJI Double Cross, Temporal Swordsman/Crimson GENJI Double Cross, the Swordmaster Awakened Psychic Creature Very Rare
S2 Grateful Dead, Lord of Demons Evolution Creature Super Rare
S4 Grateful Life, the Earth Breaker Evolution Creature Super Rare
26 Hogan Blaster Spell Uncommon
20 Hyperspatial Guard Hole Spell Rare
22 Irohas, Spirit of Extinguishing Creature Uncommon
15 Jet Drill, Advanced Soldier Creature Rare
2 K Atlantis, Ocean Peak of Taiga Creature Very Rare
35 Kankuro Blaster Spell Uncommon
17 Kankuro, Temporal Actor/Jungle Kankuro, the Awakened Dramatic Psychic Creature Rare
49 Kooc, Crimson Lord Creature Common
19 Lion Knuckle Creature Rare
31 Lyla Aini Creature Uncommon
27 Marcelino, Steel Ball Baron Creature Uncommon
51 Möbius Tornado Spell Common
39 Miele Spark Spell Common
37 Miele Thunder, the Gemwing Creature Common
3 Million Death, Lord of a Hundred Beasts Evolution Creature Very Rare
52 Mimosa, the Strong Creature Common
34 Mystery Hippo Creature Uncommon
36 Paduma, Salvation Guardian Creature Common
53 Princess Cub SP Creature Common
7 Pure Gazelle Star Creature Very Rare
48 Pythonman Dragoon Creature Common
50 Rekuta Aini Creature Common
30 Reppi SP Aini Creature Uncommon
40 Ribbity SP Creature Common
47 Ring Ring Man Creature Common
55 Sanji, Lionic Faerie Creature Common
25 Scramble Typhoon Spell Uncommon
54 Sickle Nature Creature Common
S3 Storm Genji Double Cross, the Super Temporal/Last Storm Double Cross, the Super Awakened Psychic Creature Super Rare
S3h Storm Genji Double Cross, the Super Temporal/Last Storm Double Cross, the Super Awakened (Heroes Card) Psychic Creature Super Rare
21 Tulk SP Creature Uncommon
6 V-Y, the Patroller Creature Rare
10 Words from Beyond Spell Rare
33 Yokozuna Giant Creature Uncommon