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Checklist of cards from The Hidden Emperor. The Dark Journey Home (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
110 A Dark Moment Action Common
111 A Glimpse Beyond Action Rare
59 A Kolat Revealed Event Uncommon
29 Agasha Gennai Personality Rare
30 Agasha Kusabi Personality Uncommon
70 Aka Mizu-umi Region Uncommon
95 Ambition Item Rare
112 Arrow of the Four Winds Action Rare
113 Arrowroot Tattoo Action Uncommon
7 Asahina Dorai Personality Common
81 Ashigaru Archers Follower Common
82 Ashigaru Spearmen Follower Common
50 Assassins Holding Common
18 Balash Personality Uncommon
51 Battlements Holding Common
20 Bayushi Areru Personality Uncommon
71 Bells of the Dead Region Common
72 Black Finger River Region Common
60 Blessings of Isawa Event Uncommon
96 Blood Arrows of Yajinden Item Common
52 Bonsai Garden Holding Common
114 Centipede Tattoo Action Uncommon
21 Chochu Personality Common
97 Clay Horse Item Common
115 Contemplation Action Common
116 Contested Holding Action Rare
117 Crane Tattoo Action Uncommon
61 Creating the Monkey Clan Event Uncommon
98 Crystal Nagamaki Item Uncommon
8 Daidoji Rekai Personality Rare
16 Dangai Personality Common
118 Deeds, Not Words Action Uncommon
119 Disgraced Action Uncommon
120 Disobedience Action Rare
122 Dragon Tattoo Action Uncommon
62 Dragon's Tail Star Event Uncommon
121 Dragonfly Tattoo Action Uncommon
88 Emergence of the Masters Spell Common
1 Eternal Halls of the Shiba Stronghold F
103 Falling Star Strike Kiho Common
123 Final Haiku Action Rare
73 Firebird Falls Region Rare
124 Full Moon Tattoo Action Uncommon
63 Glimpse of Kage Event Uncommon
22 Goju Adorai (Unique) Personality F
74 Golden Sun Plain Region Rare
125 Heavy Ground Action Common
126 Held Terrain Action Rare
127 Heroic Opportunities Action Rare
4 Hida Rohiteki Personality Common
128 Hidden Blade Action Rare
5 Hiruma Osuno Personality Rare
9 Hitomi Dajan Personality Common
10 Hitomi Iyojin Personality Uncommon
11 Hitomi Juppun Personality Uncommon
12 Hitomi Nakuso Personality Uncommon
17 Hoshi Maseru Personality Common
129 Hunted Action Uncommon
13 Ikoma Gunjin Personality Uncommon
31 Isawa Hochiu Personality Uncommon
32 Isawa Kaede Personality Rare
33 Isawa Taeruko Personality Common
45 Kage (Experienced 3) Personality Rare
130 Kharma Action Uncommon
14 Kitsu Sanako Personality Uncommon
53 Kitsuki Iyekao Holding Uncommon
99 Kitsuki's Coin Item Rare
54 Kolat Agent Holding Common
131 Kolat Recruiter Action Rare
132 Let Him Escape Action Rare
133 Lion Tattoo Action Uncommon
83 Lion's Pride Follower Rare
100 Lord Moon's Blood Item Rare
134 Loss of Face Action Common
135 Magic Mud Action Uncommon
84 Maho-Tsukai Follower Rare
23 Mamoru Personality Uncommon
85 Mantis House Guard Follower Uncommon
101 Mantle of the Jade Champion Item Rare
104 Master of Destiny Kiho Rare
46 Matsu Toki Personality Uncommon
37 Moshi Hito Personality Common
44 Moto Amadare Personality Common
86 Moto Fanatics Follower Uncommon
136 Mountain Tattoo Action Uncommon
137 Nightmares of Iuchiban Action Rare
24 Ninja Infiltrator Personality Rare
25 Ninja Questioner Personality Uncommon
26 Ninja Shadow-Walker Personality Common
138 Ninja Tricks Action Uncommon
27 Ninube Ogoku Personality Common
75 Osari Plains Region Common
139 Phoenix Tattoo Action Uncommon
140 Pillaging Action Common
89 Plain of Desperate Evil Spell Uncommon
102 Poison Dartgun Item Common
141 Pride Action Common
142 Proud Words Action Common
105 Purity of Spirit Kiho Common
87 Ratling Scout Follower Common
64 Rebuilding the Temples Event Rare
55 Retired Advisor Holding Rare
90 Rise from the Ashes Spell Uncommon
56 River of the Dark Moon Holding Rare
76 River of the Last Stand Region Rare
47 Ropp'tch'tch (Unique) Personality Rare
38 Seppun Toshiken (Unique) Personality Rare
143 Shadow Brand Action Common
144 Shadowlands Contagion Action Rare
77 Shadowlands Marsh Region Uncommon
34 Shiba Gensui Personality Common
35 Shiba Tetsu Personality Uncommon
36 Shiba Tsukune (Experienced 2) Personality F
48 Shinko Kamiko Personality Rare
92 Shiryo no Goju Ancestor Rare
93 Shiryo no Kuni Ancestor Rare
94 Shiryo no Yurei Ancestor Rare
28 Shosuro Personality Rare
39 Shotai (Unique) Personality Rare
145 Siege Action Common
49 Slidge Personality Common
146 Smoke and Mirrors Action Uncommon
106 Stagnation Kiho Common
147 Stand Together Action Rare
148 Steep Terrain Action Common
107 Strike of Silent Waters Kiho Uncommon
149 Tattooed Action Uncommon
19 Tausha Personality Common
65 Test of the Jade Champion Event Rare
66 The Agasha Join the Phoenix Event Rare
57 The Agasha Libraries Holding Common
67 The Age of Man Event Uncommon
150 The Daimyo's Command Action Rare
2 The Dark Path of Shadow Stronghold F
58 The Edge of Shinomen Forest Holding Common
3 The Palace of Otosan Uchi Stronghold F
108 The Path Not Taken Kiho Rare
68 The Wave Men Event Rare
151 Threat Action Common
152 Tiger Tattoo Action Uncommon
40 Toku (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
6 Toritaka Genzo Personality Rare
41 Toturi the First (Experienced 3) Personality F
69 Toturi's Return Event Uncommon
109 Touch the Lands Kiho Common
78 Treacherous Pass Region Common
15 Tsuruchi Personality Rare
79 Twilight Mountains Region Rare
153 Twisting Ravine Action Common
42 Tzurui Personality Uncommon
91 Virtuous Heart Spell Common
80 Warstained Fields Region Common
154 Winds and Fortunes Action Uncommon
43 Yotsu Seou Personality Common