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Checklist of cards from Black & White Promos (Pokemon)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
5 Alomomola Water Promo
BW48 Altaria Dragon Promo
BW67 Ampharos Lightning Promo
12 Audino Colorless Promo
BW10 Axew Colorless Promo
BW16 Axew Colorless Promo
BW26 Axew Colorless Promo
BW39 Battle City Trainer Promo
BW58 Black Kyurem Dragon Promo
BW62 Black Kyurem-EX Dragon Promo
6 Blitzle Lightning Promo
BW95 Champions Festival Trainer Promo
BW72 Cobalion Metal Promo
BW51 Crobat Psychic Promo
BW73 Darkrai Darkness Promo
BW46 Darkrai EX Darkness Promo
BW18 Darumaka Fire Promo
BW82 Deoxys-EX Psychic Promo
BW64 Drifblim Psychic Promo
BW80 Druddigon Dragon Promo
BW17 Ducklett Water Promo
BW94 Eevee Colorless Promo
BW97 Eevee Colorless Promo
BW76 Electrode Lightning Promo
BW55 Elgyem Psychic Promo
BW21 Emboar Fire Promo
BW56 Empoleon Water Promo
BW92 Espeon Psychic Promo
BW88 Flareon Fire Promo
BW53 Flygon Dragon Promo
BW101 Genesect Grass Promo
BW86 Genesect Grass Promo
BW99 Genesect Grass Promo
BW74 Giratina Psychic Promo
BW90 Glaceon Water Promo
BW57 Haxorus Dragon Promo
BW65 Jigglypuff Colorless Promo
BW91 Jolteon Lightning Promo
BW60 Keldeo Water Promo
BW61 Keldeo-EX Water Promo
10 Klink Metal Promo
BW44 Kyurem Water Promo
BW37 Kyurem EX Water Promo
BW43 Landorus Fighting Promo
BW79 Landorus Fighting Promo
BW87 Leafeon Grass Promo
BW49 Lilligant Grass Promo
BW52 Lillipup Colorless Promo
BW27 Litwick Psychic Promo
BW85 Lucario Fighting Promo
BW83 Lugia-EX Colorless Promo
BW34 Luxio Lightning Promo
2 Maractus Grass Promo
BW68 Meloetta Psychic Promo
BW69 Meloetta Fighting Promo
BW35 Meowth Colorless Promo
BW75 Metagross Psychic Promo
BW98 Mew Psychic Promo
BW45 Mewtwo EX Psychic Promo
BW13 Minccino Colorless Promo
7 Munna Psychic Promo
BW100 N Trainer Promo
BW66 Ninetales Fire Promo
CC-1 Online Code Card Code Card Common
4 Oshawott Water Promo
BW03 Oshawott Water Promo
BW08 Oshawott Water Promo
BW11 Pansage Grass Promo
BW14 Pansage Grass Promo
11 Pidove Colorless Promo
BW15 Pidove Colorless Promo
BW54 Pikachu Lightning Promo
BW84 Porygon-Z Colorless Promo
BW47 Rayquaza EX Dragon Promo
BW04 Reshiram Fire Promo
BW23 Reshiram Fire Promo
BW36 Reshiram EX Fire Promo
BW33 Riolu Fighting Promo
BW22 Samurott Water Promo
8 Sandile Fighting Promo
BW25 Scraggy Darkness Promo
BW20 Serperior Grass Promo
1 Snivy Grass Promo
BW01 Snivy Grass Promo
BW06 Snivy Grass Promo
3 Tepig Fire Promo
BW02 Tepig Fire Promo
BW07 Tepig Fire Promo
BW71 Terrakion Fighting Promo
BW41 Thundurus Lightning Promo
BW81 Thundurus-EX Lightning Promo
BW42 Tornadus Colorless Promo
BW96 Tornadus-EX Colorless Promo
BW28 Tropical Beach Trainer Promo
BW50 Tropical Beach Trainer Promo
BW93 Umbreon Darkness Promo
BW89 Vaporeon Water Promo
BW32 Victini Fire Promo
BW31 Victory Cup (1st Place) Trainer Promo
BW30 Victory Cup (2nd Place) Trainer Promo
BW29 Victory Cup (3rd Place) Trainer Promo
BW70 Virizion Grass Promo
BW40 Volcarona Fire Promo
BW59 White Kyurem Dragon Promo
BW63 White Kyurem-EX Dragon Promo
BW05 Zekrom Lightning Promo
BW24 Zekrom Lightning Promo
BW38 Zekrom EX Lightning Promo
BW09 Zoroark Darkness Promo
BW19 Zoroark Darkness Promo
9 Zorua Darkness Promo
BW12 Zorua Darkness Promo