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Checklist of cards from Return to Mirkwood (Lord of the Rings, the Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
129 Ambush Quest F
122 Astonishing Speed Event F
139 Attercop, Attercop Enemy F
116 Dain Ironfoot Hero F
118 Dawn Take You All Event F
132 Dry Watercourse Location F
117 Dunedain Signal Attachment F
119 Eagles of the Misty Mountains Ally F
127 Escape Attempt Quest F
130 Gollum Objective F
135 Gollum's Anguish Treachery F
136 Gollum's Bite Treachery F
138 Mirkwood Bats Enemy F
123 Mirkwood Runner Ally F
124 Rumour from the Earth Event F
125 Shadow of the Past Event F
120 Support of the Eagles Attachment F
131 The Spider's Ring Location F
126 Through the Forest Quest F
128 To the Elvin King's Halls Quest F
137 Wasted Provisions Treachery F
30 West Road Traveller Ally F
134 Wood Elf Path Location F
133 Woodman's Glade Location F