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Checklist of cards from Disgaea Booster Pack (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
DG-S02-060 "Beauty Baron" Mid-Boss / “ビューティー男爵”中ボス Character U
DG-S02-063 "Strongest in the Word" Etna Character C
DG-S02-075 A Passing-by Overlord / 通りすがりの魔王 Climax CC
DG-S02-075P A Passing-by Overlord / 通りすがりの魔王 Climax SP
DG-S02-018 Adele & Roselind Character C
DG-S02-078 Almaz von Almadin Adamant Character R
DG-S02-025 And Then, Legend... Climax CC
DG-S02-025P And Then, Legend... Climax SP
DG-S02-032 Angel Trainee Flonne / 天使見習いフロン Character U
DG-S02-050 Assassin from Celestia Climax CC
DG-S02-033 Average Cleric Character U
DG-S02-013 Bad Student Raspberyl Character C
DG-S02-017 Battle Otaku Adele Character C
DG-S02-022 Battle Tournament Commences! Event C
DG-S02-023 Believe in Me! Climax CR
DG-S02-066 Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth Character C
DG-S02-095 Cellphone Event U
DG-S02-004 Childhood Friend Raspberyl Character R
DG-S02-004S Childhood Friend Raspberyl Character SR
DG-S02-003 Crane-Folding Asuka Character R
DG-S02-071 Dark Assembly Event U
DG-S02-097 Dark Hero Event C
DG-S02-091 Dark Hero Octalley Character C
DG-S02-086 Daughter of the Overlord Roselind Character U
DG-S02-019 Defeat! Overlord God! Event R
DG-S02-068 Demon Girl Etna, the Ultimate Beauty Character C
DG-S02-005 Devil Buster Adele Character R
DG-S02-005S Devil Buster Adele Character SR
DG-S02-069 Dissection Experiment Event R
DG-S02-041 Distinguished Samurai Character C
DG-S02-064 Elite Red Mage Character C
DG-S02-035 Etna & Flonne Character U
DG-S02-062 Etna, the Overlord Assassin Character C
DG-S02-049 Even A Demon Needs Love Climax CC
DG-S02-044 Everything is Mine Event R
DG-S02-009 Excellent Salvatore Character U
DG-S02-057 Fake Laharl Character U
DG-S02-002 Fallen Angel Flonne Character RR
DG-S02-093 Family Studies Teacher Mr. Champloo Character C
DG-S02-054 Former Angel Flonne / 元・天使フロン Character R
DG-S02-054S Former Angel Flonne / 元・天使フロン Character SR
DG-S02-039 Genius Rune Knight Character C
DG-S02-042 Good-for-Nothing Archer Character C
DG-S02-090 Hero Almaz Character C
DG-S02-021 Important... Allies? Event U
DG-S02-065 Invincible Robot Thursday Character C
DG-S02-067 Jennifer, Assistant to the Defender of Earth Character C
DG-S02-016 Jiiya Character C
DG-S02-081 Killing Machine Sapphire Character R
DG-S02-074 King of the Earth Climax CC
DG-S02-084 Kunoichi Yukimaru Character U
DG-S02-056 Kurtis, Defender of Earth Character R
DG-S02-030 Laharl & Etna Character R
DG-S02-030S Laharl & Etna Character SR
DG-S02-037 Laharl & Flonne Character C
DG-S02-051 Laharl & Maoh / ラハール&マオ Character RR
DG-S02-051R Laharl & Maoh / ラハール&マオ Character RRR
DG-S02-010 Legendary Graduating Raspberyl Character U
DG-S02-024 Let's Modify!! Climax CC
DG-S02-008 Lilian's Crazy Kid Character U
DG-S02-036 Love Maniac Flonne Character U
DG-S02-015 Majin Etna Character C
DG-S02-072 Make up Event C
DG-S02-012 Maoh & Raspberyl Character C
DG-S02-029 Matron Prinny / 姉御肌のプリニー Character R
DG-S02-070 Mecha-Jennifer Event U
DG-S02-053 Mr. Big Star Character R
DG-S02-007 Netherworld's Top Student Maoh Character U
DG-S02-098 Newlywed Queen / 新婚女王 Climax CR
DG-S02-098P Newlywed Queen / 新婚女王 Climax SP
DG-S02-100 Overlord Almaz Climax CC
DG-S02-011 Overlord Laharl Character U
DG-S02-006 Overlord Maoh Character R
DG-S02-099 Overlord Summoning Climax CC
DG-S02-073 Overlord Zenon Defeated!! / 魔王ゼノン倒される!! Climax CR
DG-S02-055 Overlord's Vassal Etna Character R
DG-S02-055S Overlord's Vassal Etna Character SR
DG-S02-034 Petty Thief Character U
DG-S02-094 Pile of Pudding Event R
DG-S02-046 Plot of the Education Council Event U
DG-S02-059 Prince Laharl of the Netherworld / 魔界のプリンス ラハール Character U
DG-S02-038 Prinny Squad Character C
DG-S02-079 Push-and-Dash Octalley Character R
DG-S02-001 Raspberyl & Flonne Character RR
DG-S02-001R Raspberyl & Flonne Character RRR
DG-S02-076 Raspberyl & Sapphire Character RR
DG-S02-076S Raspberyl & Sapphire Character SR
DG-S02-047 Revival of the Bow Event C
DG-S02-085 Roselind & Sapphire Character U
DG-S02-085R Roselind & Sapphire Character RRR
DG-S02-089 Roselind's Vassal Taro Character C
DG-S02-077 Sapphire Rhodonite Character RR
DG-S02-077S Sapphire Rhodonite Character SR
DG-S02-043 Seraph Lamington Character C
DG-S02-014 Sexy Demon Wannabe Hanako Character C
DG-S02-088 Sheltered Miss Roselind / 箱入りお嬢様ロザリンド Character C
DG-S02-082 Stealthy Teacher Mr. Champloo / 隠密凶師チャンプル先生 Character U
DG-S02-080 Strange Frog Tink Character R
DG-S02-083 Stubborn Rosalind Character U
DG-S02-092 Super Hero Ouram / 超勇者オーラム Character C
DG-S02-031 Super Overlord Baal / 超魔王バール Character R
DG-S02-048 Super Overlord Bishoujo / 美少女超魔王 Climax CR
DG-S02-048P Super Overlord Bishoujo / 美少女超魔王 Climax SP
DG-S02-061 Supreme Overlord Laharl / 超魔王ラハール Character U
DG-S02-096 Technical Difficulties Event U
DG-S02-020 The Strongest Overlord Event U
DG-S02-027 Tyrant Etna Character RR
DG-S02-027R Tyrant Etna Character RRR
DG-S02-087 Un-ladylike Princess Sapphire Character C
DG-S02-026 Unemployed Etna Character RR
DG-S02-026S Unemployed Etna Character SR
DG-S02-040 Universe Police Justice Flonne Character C
DG-S02-058 Vyers, the Dark Adonis Mid-Boss Character U
DG-S02-045 Winged Slayer / 飛天無双斬 Event U
DG-S02-052 Worst Overlord Laharl / 最凶の魔王ラハール Character RR
DG-S02-028 Young Etna Character R