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Checklist of cards from Madoka Magica Trial Deck (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
MM-W17-103 A Lonely Fight, Homura Character TD
MM-W17-T13 Ally of Justice, Sayaka Character TD
MM-W17-101 Battle with Walpurgisnacht, Homura Character TD
MM-W17-T10 Childhood Friend of Kamijo, Sayaka Character TD
MM-W17-102 Common Wishes, Sayaka & Kyoko Character TD
MM-W17-T01 Dark-haired Girl, Homura Character TD
MM-W17-T05 Homura Akemi Character TD
MM-W17-T05SP Homura Akemi Character SP
MM-W17-T07 I won't rely on anyone anymore! Climax TD
MM-W17-T09 Kyousuke Kamijou Character TD
MM-W17-T06 Law of the Cycle Event TD
MM-W17-T04 Madoka Kaname Character TD
MM-W17-T04SP Madoka Kaname Character SP
MM-W17-T03 Madoka of the Blue Skies Character TD
MM-W17-T12 Magical Girl of Swords, Sayaka Character TD
MM-W17-T14 Miracles and magic are real Climax TD
MM-W17-T02 Nurse's Aide, Madoka Character TD
MM-W17-105 Ordinary Girl, Madoka Character TD
MM-W17-T11 Second-year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka Character TD
MM-W17-104 Smiling Sayaka Character TD
MM-W17-T08 The Girl from the Dream Climax TD