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Checklist of cards from Nanoha A's Booster Pack (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
NA-W12-087 "Assisting Strong Ones" Reinforce Character U
NA-W12-040 "Big Brother" Chrono Character C
NA-W12-001 "Big Sister" Alicia Character RR
NA-W12-013 "Fate T" Liete Lotte Character C
NA-W12-032 "Friends" Alisa Character R
NA-W12-010 "Friends" Fate Character U
NA-W12-030 "Friends" Suzuka Character R
NA-W12-30SP "Friends" Suzuka Character SP
NA-W12-002 "Lightning" Fate Character RR
NA-W12-02SP "Lightning" Fate Character SP
NA-W12-076 "Master Program" Will of the Book of the Darkness Character RR
NA-W12-076S "Master Program" Will of the Book of the Darkness Character SR
NA-W12-066 "Nanoha Takamachi" Aria Liese Character C
NA-W12-012 "Piercing" Arf Character U
NA-W12-054 "Reunion" Nanoha & Fate Character R
NA-W12-005 "Strong Enemy" Signum Character R
NA-W12-052 "Unwavering Will" Nanoha Character RR
NA-W12-052S "Unwavering Will" Nanoha Character SR
NA-W12-082 "Wolkenritter" Shamal Character R
NA-W12-003 "Wolkenritter" Signum Character R
NA-W12-003S "Wolkenritter" Signum Character SR
NA-W12-064 "Wolkenritter" Vita Character C
NA-W12-084 "Wolkenritter" Zafira Character U
NA-W12-029 Alisa & Little Arf Character R
NA-W12-029S Alisa & Little Arf Character SR
NA-W12-042 Alisa & Suzuka Character C
NA-W12-039 Alisa & Suzuka, 9th Graders Character C
NA-W12-034 Alisa, Divider Character U
NA-W12-038 Amy Limietta Character C
NA-W12-026 Amy, Asura's No. 3 Character RR
NA-W12-048 Arc-en-ciel Climax CR
NA-W12-048S Arc-en-ciel Climax SR
NA-W12-014 Arf, Extremely Rough Character C
NA-W12-091 Aria Liese & Rotte Liese Character C
NA-W12-047 Budding Friendship Event C
NA-W12-036 Buddy Quartet Character U
NA-W12-027 Chrono & Amy, Notable Partners Character RR
NA-W12-031 Chrono, Commissioned Officer Character R
NA-W12-31SP Chrono, Commissioned Officer Character SP
NA-W12-037 Chrono, Power to Change the Future Character U
NA-W12-015 Confused Fate Character C
NA-W12-095 Curse of the Book of the Darkness Event U
NA-W12-049 Eternal Coffin Climax CC
NA-W12-073 Exelion Buster Climax CR
NA-W12-073S Exelion Buster Climax SR
NA-W12-072 Extreme Range Artillery Fire Event C
NA-W12-024 Farewell to the Ideal Climax CC
NA-W12-016 Fate Vs. Signum Character C
NA-W12-007 Fate with Bardiche Assault Character R
NA-W12-009 Fate, 9th Grader Character U
NA-W12-033 Fate, First Time at the School Character U
NA-W12-100 For My Beloved Climax CC
NA-W12-050 Get Well Soon Climax CC
NA-W12-088 Gil Graham, Battle-hardened Fighter Character C
NA-W12-028 Hayate & Suzuka Character R
NA-W12-078 Hayate in Infirmary Character R
NA-W12-092 Hayate of the Yagami Household Character C
NA-W12-086 Hayate, 9th Grader Character U
NA-W12-081 Hayate, King of the Night Sky Character R
NA-W12-077 Hayate, Master Character RR
NA-W12-77SP Hayate, Master Character SP
NA-W12-098 Healing Power Climax CR
NA-W12-075 Heaven Roaring Smash Climax CC
NA-W12-045 Home Visit Event U
NA-W12-074 I can be shot Climax CC
NA-W12-020 Introducing CVK792 Event U
NA-W12-079 Leti Lowran Character R
NA-W12-023 Lightning Flash Climax CR
NA-W12-023S Lightning Flash Climax SR
NA-W12-041 Lindy, Kind Mother Character C
NA-W12-043 Lindy, Unrivaled Sweet Tooth Character C
NA-W12-070 Magic Training Event U
NA-W12-035 Mariel Atenza Character U
NA-W12-094 Masked Warrior Character C
NA-W12-046 Memories of a Day Far Away Event U
NA-W12-096 Mirror of Travels Event U
NA-W12-063 Nanoha & Yuuno Character C
NA-W12-058 Nanoha Vs. Vita Character U
NA-W12-057 Nanoha with Raising Heart Exelion Character R
NA-W12-57SP Nanoha with Raising Heart Exelion Character SP
NA-W12-053 Nanoha, 9th Grader Character R
NA-W12-067 Nanoha, Blessing Character C
NA-W12-055 Nanoha, Injured Character R
NA-W12-069 Nanoha, No Holds Barred! Character C
NA-W12-017 Playing Fate & Arf Character C
NA-W12-018 Precia, Kind Mother Character C
NA-W12-071 Present from Hayate Event U
NA-W12-097 Program of Knights of Protection Event C
NA-W12-089 Reinforce, the World's Most Fortunate Magic Book Character C
NA-W12-004 Rinis, Familiar Character R
NA-W12-090 Shamal of the Yagami Household Character C
NA-W12-080 Shamal, Knight of the Lake Character R
NA-W12-80SP Shamal, Knight of the Lake Character SP
NA-W12-019 Signum of the Yagami Household Character C
NA-W12-008 Signum, Knight of Sword Character U
NA-W12-006 Signum, Warrior Character R
NA-W12-06SP Signum, Warrior Character SP
NA-W12-011 Sonic Form Fate Character U
NA-W12-025 Sturm Falken Climax CC
NA-W12-044 Suzuka, Loves Readin Character C
NA-W12-022 Swarm of Questions Event C
NA-W12-021 Thoughts to the Lord Event U
NA-W12-099 Time of Awakening Climax CC
NA-W12-099S Time of Awakening Climax SR
NA-W12-059 Vita & Zafira Character U
NA-W12-062 Vita of the Yagami Household Character U
NA-W12-051 Vita, Crimson Iron Rider Character RR
NA-W12-51SP Vita, Crimson Iron Rider Character SP
NA-W12-056 Vita, Knight of the Bok of Darkness Character R
NA-W12-065 Vita, Petite Character C
NA-W12-083 Yukie Ishida, Physician in Charge for Hayate Character U
NA-W12-060 Yuuno Scrya Character U
NA-W12-068 Yuuno, Archaeologist Character C
NA-W12-061 Yuuno, Rear Support Character U
NA-W12-093 Zafira of the Yagami Household Character C
NA-W12-085 Zafira, Shield Guardian Beast Character U