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Checklist of cards from Persona 3 Trial Deck (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
P3-S01-01T Amada & Kala-Nemi Character R
P3-S01-10T Amada & Nemesis Character C
P3-S01-08T Bebe Character C
P3-S01-14T Final Selection Climax C
P3-S01-16T Fushimi Chihiro Character C
P3-S01-21T Kanzato Shin Character PR
P3-S01-05T Kanzeto Shin Character U
P3-S01-18T Kirijou Takeharu Character C
P3-S01-07T Koromaru Character C
P3-S01-03T Koromaru & Cerberus Character U
P3-S01-09T Maiko Character C
P3-S01-12T Mayoi Dou Event C
P3-S01-19T Mitsuro & Artemisia Character C
P3-S01-15T Mitsuru & Penthesilea Character R
P3-S01-20T Oath of Commitment Climax U
P3-S01-17T Odagiri Hidetoshi Character C
P3-S01-04T President Tanaka Character U
P3-S01-11T Protagonist & Thanatos Character C
P3-S01-06T Shadow Time Event U
P3-S01-13T The End of Vengeance Climax U
P3-S01-02T Tomochika Kenji Character U