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Checklist of cards from Shining Force EXA Trial Deck (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
SE-S04-101 Energetic Toma / 元気なトウマ Character TD
SE-S04-102 Knowledgeable Cyrille / 物知りシリル Character TD
SE-S04-T01 Outraged Cyrille / 怒ったシリル Character TD
SE-S04-T02 Cyrille & Zhirra / シリル&ジラ Character TD
SE-S04-T03 "Chivalry" Gadfort / “騎士道”ガドフォール Character TD
SE-S04-T04 Toma & Cyrille / トウマ&シリル Character TD
SE-S04-T05 Avalon, Golden Knight / 黄金の騎士アバロン Character TD
SE-S04-T06 Good Friends Cyrille & Zhirra / 仲良し シリル&ジラ Character TD
SE-S04-T07 "Curse of the Sacred Sword" Toma & Cyrille / “聖剣の呪い”トウマ&シリル Character TD
SE-S04-T08 Master Toma / マスター・トウマ Character TD
SE-S04-T09 Toma's Pride / トウマの意地 Event TD
SE-S04-T10 Sacred Sword Shining Force / 聖剣シャイニングフォース Climax TD
SE-S04-T11 Zenus & Zhirra / ゼナス&ジラ Character TD
SE-S04-T12 Embarrased Angry Cyrille / 照れ怒りシリル Character TD
SE-S04-T13 Cyrille, Swimsuit / 水着のシリル Character TD
SE-S04-T14 Cyrille, Honor Student / 優等生シリル Character TD
SE-S04-T15 "Slicing Angle" Garyu / “片角”ガリュウ Character TD
SE-S04-T16 "Dual Sacred Sword" Toma & Cyrille / “2本の聖剣”トウマ&シリル Character TD
SE-S04-T17 Cyrille's Truth / シリルの真実 Climax TD
SE-S04-T18 Blade of Destiny / 運命の刃 Climax TD