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Checklist of cards from Words of Power (Call of Cthulhu, the Card Game)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
29 Black Dog Character F
22 Cover Me! Event F
25 Deranged Diva Character F
24 Dragged into the Deep Event F
38 Eltdown Shards, Book of Hidden Things Support F
36 George Rogers, Obsessed Devotee Character F
37 Houngan Seydou, Remover of Obstacles Character F
28 Infirmary Support F
32 Knight of the Eclipse Character F
39 Library of Pergamum, Place of Ancient Wisdom Support F
30 Maleficium Event F
40 Marcus Jamburg, Finder of Lost Things Character F
33 Miranda Keeper, Antiquities Trader Character F
35 O'Bannion's Ledger, Keeping Score Support F
27 Research Assistant Character F
31 Sarah Van Shaw, Lodge Warden Character F
34 Sergeant Donnelly, Corrupt Cop Character F
23 Shadowy Figure Character F
26 Song of Suffering Support F
21 Teodor Corvin, Guardian of the Faith Character F