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Checklist of cards from Betrayal (Yu Yu Hakusho)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
P-1 Serenity Event P
P-2 Point Blank Event P
P-3 Mukuro's Spirit of Words Item P
P-4 Sanctuary Event P
T-10 Mother's Tear Item TR
T-1 Yomi, Sightless God (Lower Right) King/Hero/Villain/Team Leader TG
T-11 Rurimaru Stones Item TR
T-12 Yukina's Gift Item TR
T-13 Atsuko, Inebriated Matron Neutral TC
T-14 Hokushin, Paranormal Taoist Hero TC
T-15 Miyamoto Hero TC
T-16 Nankai Hero TC
T-17 ..... Event TC
T-18 Exterminated Event TC
T-19 Final Sacrifice Event TC
T-20 The Past Resolved Event TC
T-2 Twilight Event TU
T-21 Demonic Inhibitor Item TC
T-22 Double Bladed Axe Item TC
T-23 Spirit Blast Technique TC
T-3 Gaming System Item TU
T-4 Jin, the Wind Master Hero TS
T-5 Soul Exchange Event TS
T-6 Demon Energy Scanner Item TS
T-7 Koto, the MC Neutral TR
T-8 Youda, Veteran Advisor Hero TR
T-9 Bicycle Item TR
TP-4 Hajime! Event TP
TX-1 Grim Determination Event TX
1 Yomi, Sightless God (Lower Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader G
2 Acceptable Losses Event G
3 Ultimate Sacrifice Event G
4 Yusuke's Fury Event G
5 Yomi, Sightless God (Upper Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader U
6 Yomi, Sightless God (Upper Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader U
7 Puu Hero U
8 Human World's Protectors Event U
9 Recuperation Event U
10 Reincarnation Event U
11 Spirit Detective Briefcase Item U
12 Roto, Malicious Shapeshifter Villain S
13 Yusuke, Ma-Zoku Hero/Villain S
14 Daunting Inferno Event S
15 Destined Greatness Event S
16 Grudge Match Event S
17 Haunted by the Past Event S
18 Insatiable Event S
19 Life Energy Transfer Event S
20 Stern Teachings Event S
21 Body Armor Item S
22 Joker Item S
23 Hiei, Mukuro's General Hero/Villain R
24 Jorge Satome, Superhero Hero R
25 Kazuma, Kuwabara Hero R
26 Kokou, Repressed Lover Hero R
27 Kurama, Calm Cruelty Hero R
28 Raizen, Bloodthirsty Pacifist Hero/Villain/Team Leader R
29 Seiryu, Blue Dragon Villain R
30 Shura, Mischievous Prince Villain R
31 Yusuke, Demonic Heir Hero R
32 All For One and One For All Event R
33 Circumvention Event R
34 Demoralize Event R
35 Icy Glare Event R
36 Inhuman Potential Event R
37 Materialize Event R
38 Mischief Event R
39 Overwhelming Kill Event R
40 Overwhelming Odds Event R
41 Provocation Event R
42 Retaliation Event R
43 Trident Item R
44 Battle Aura Technique R
45 Tornado Fists Technique R
46 Binding Shinobi, Incapacitation Master Villain C
47 Dr. Ichigaki, Corrupted Geneticist Villain C
48 Earth Shinobi, Shrouded Leader Villain/Team Leader C
49 Genwaku Kyoushu, Assassin Neutral C
50 Gunsotsu Hero C
51 Hiei, Cursed Child Villain C
52 Itsuki, Yaminate Villain C
53 Karasu, Methodical Tactician Villain C
54 Kirin, Demonic Arts Guru Villain C
55 Kiseichu, Parasite Demon Neutral C
56 Kiyoshi Mitarai Hero C
57 Komada Hero C
58 Kurama, Strategic Leader Hero/Team Leader C
59 Mukuro, Tortured Sovereign Villain/Team Leader C
60 Natsume, Resilient Warrior Hero C
61 Okubo Hero C
62 Risho, Earthen Master Villain/Team Leader C
63 Sasuga, Paramour Hero C
64 Seitei Hero C
65 Shachi, Unseated Commander Villain C
66 Shigure, Surgeon of the Damned Villain C
67 Shougo Satou, Sympathetic Psychic Hero C
68 Soruja Hero C
69 Touou Hero C
70 Ura Urashima Villain C
71 Yoko, Systematic Larcenist Villain C
72 Yomi, Reckless Thief Villain C
73 Apocalyptic Prevention Event C
74 Bond of Friends Event C
75 Cunning Bandits Event C
76 Defiance of Authority Event C
77 Domination Event C
78 Friendly Fire Event C
79 Heroic Aspirations Event C
80 Human Enhancements Event C
81 Humanity Returned Event C
82 Impeded Progress Event C
83 Imprisonment Event C
84 Overextend Event C
85 Overloaded Event C
86 Preemptive Strike Event C
87 Raizen Supremacy Event C
88 Reality Shift Event C
89 Renewed Kinship Event C
90 Ruler's Regard Event C
91 Shinobis Unmasked Event C
92 Spirit Siphon Event C
93 Struggle for Parity Event C
94 Taunt Event C
95 Bandages Item C
96 Demon Compass Item C
97 Fire Extinguisher Item C
98 Makeup Item C
99 Suzaku's Orb Item C
100 Shoe Item C
101 Switchblade Item C
102 Yomi's Spirit of Words Item C
103 Ability Theft Technique C
104 Acid Splash Technique C
105 Aura Vortex Technique C
106 Bone Scythe Technique C
107 Claw Extension Technique C
108 Demon Spiral Technique C
109 Demonic Absorption Wall Technique C
110 Demonic Kremastos Technique C
111 Flesh Puppet Technique C
112 Flyby Technique C
113 Handstand Kick Technique C
114 Icy Battlefield Technique C
115 Identity Theft Technique C
116 Lightning Absorption Technique C
117 Space Tornado Hand Technique C
118 Sphere of Protection Technique C
119 Sword of Second Energy Technique C
120 Tactical Advantage Technique C
121 Tornado Attack Technique C