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Checklist of cards from Seeds of Decay (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
109 Advanced Intelligence Strategy Rare
84 Aka-beko Item Common
33 Akodo Hotaka Personality Rare
34 Akodo Michitsu Personality Uncommon
1 Akuma's Power Celestial Uncommon
110 An Insult Answered Strategy Uncommon
158 Aramasu's Legacy Stronghold Fixed
20 Asahina Akikusa Personality Rare
21 Asahina Tsugio Personality Common
46 Asako Chukage (Experienced) Personality Rare
47 Asako Jukko Personality Common
48 Asako Kijo Personality Common
49 Asako Rikate (Experienced) Personality Rare
52 Bayushi Makubesu Personality Common
53 Bayushi Mugoshi Personality Uncommon
54 Bayushi Shibata (Experienced) Personality Rare
111 Black Marketeering Strategy Rare
85 Blades of the Black Dragon Item Rare
112 Brotherhood Schism Strategy Uncommon
79 Cavalry Detachment Follower Uncommon
113 Ceaseless Vigil Strategy Uncommon
86 Celestial Sword of the Dragon (Experienced) Item Fixed
87 Celestial Sword of the Mantis (Experienced) Item Fixed
88 Celestial Sword of the Scorpion (Experienced) Item Fixed
65 Chuda Seki Personality Common
114 Courting Trouble Strategy Common
22 Daidoji Kitahime Personality Rare
59 Daigotsu Yamato Personality Common
60 Daigotsu Yutaka Personality Uncommon
3 Dark Experiments Event Uncommon
99 Deafening Thunder Spell Uncommon
115 Debt to the Kaiu Strategy Common
116 Defensive Blockade Strategy Common
Proxy-F3 Detached Personality Proxy Common
117 Determined Challenge Strategy Rare
23 Doji Mitsuru Personality Uncommon
24 Doji Yuka Personality Uncommon
118 Dragon Tattoo (Experienced) Strategy Common
119 Dubious Resources Strategy Common
120 Embracing Battle Strategy Uncommon
121 Exchange of Letters Strategy Uncommon
122 Exquisite Gifts Strategy Common
100 Extend the Soul's Boundaries Spell Rare
123 Fair Warning Strategy Uncommon
7 Farmer's Market Holding Common
61 Goju Asuka Personality Uncommon
62 Goju Yurishi (Experienced) Personality Rare
124 Grappling the Snake Strategy Rare
8 Hachi's Revenge Holding Rare
125 Harsh Taskmaster Strategy Rare
89 Hato-gurama Item Uncommon
14 Hida Kaiji Personality Uncommon
15 Hiruma Nitani (Experienced) Personality Rare
16 Hiruma Sawai Personality Common
80 Horseback Warriors Follower Rare
35 Ikoma Aimi Personality Uncommon
36 Ikoma Masumi Personality Common
101 Immolation Spell Common
126 Imperial Protection Strategy Uncommon
9 Incense Mill Holding Common
4 Incredible Tragedy Event Uncommon
127 Incriminating Testimony Strategy Common
128 Ingenuity Strategy Rare
50 Isawa Momoko Personality Uncommon
17 Kaiu Okaru Personality Common
25 Kakita Yusugi Personality Common
90 Kama Item Common
91 Ki-Uso Item Uncommon
37 Kitsu Kouki Personality Common
26 Kitsuki Minori Personality Common
39 Kitsune Merihiko Personality Rare
129 Learning Strategy Rare
92 Light Armor Item Common
130 Manipulate Energies Strategy Uncommon
131 Martial Manipulation Strategy Rare
63 Masayoshi Personality Common
Proxy-F6 Masayoshi's Blade Proxy Common
102 Master of Beasts Spell Uncommon
38 Matsu Koyama (Experienced) Personality Rare
2 Megumi's Guidance Celestial Rare
Proxy-F1 Merihiko's Swarm Proxy Common
132 Metsubushi Strategy Rare
133 Military Promotion Strategy Common
94 Mining Apparatus Item Rare
27 Mirumoto Houken (Experienced) Personality Rare
28 Mirumoto Michi Personality Uncommon
95 Moksha Patam Item Uncommon
157 Monastery of New Thought Stronghold Fixed
40 Moshi Ino Personality Uncommon
72 Moto Aoi Personality Uncommon
73 Moto Miyu Personality Common
74 Moto Taigo Personality Rare
66 Mukudori Personality Rare
134 My Lord's Favor Strategy Uncommon
67 Naka Mahatsu (Experienced) Personality Rare
103 Nature's Wrath Spell Uncommon
Proxy-F2 Ninja Proxy Common
64 Ninube Hajime Personality Rare
81 O-Yoroi Troops Follower Uncommon
5 Offering Reverence Event Uncommon
96 Okesa-goma Item Common
135 Only a Shadow Strategy Uncommon
68 Otomo Suikihime Personality Rare
136 Out of My Sight! Strategy Common
10 Overlooked Palace Holding Uncommon
104 Peace of the Kami Spell Uncommon
137 Requesting Reinforcements Strategy Rare
82 Ronin Ambushers Follower Common
Proxy-F5 Ronin Follower Proxy Common
138 Ruthless Onslaught Strategy Uncommon
97 Sandalwood Incense Item Common
105 Scent of Dishonor Spell Rare
11 Second City Port Holding Uncommon
139 Sentinel Spirit Strategy Rare
69 Seppun Nagi Personality Rare
140 Sharing Gossip Strategy Uncommon
51 Shiba Iaimiko Personality Uncommon
141 Shield Formation Strategy Common
142 Shifting Terrain Strategy Uncommon
75 Shinjo Katsuo Personality Common
55 Shosuro Hawado (Experienced) Personality Fixed
12 Small Library Holding Common
56 Soshi Kodanshi Personality Common
143 Sound the Retreat Strategy Rare
6 Starting on the Path Event Rare
106 Step Through the Void Spell Uncommon
144 Sticks and Stones Strategy Common
107 Suitengu's Path Spell Common
29 Tamori Takeshi Personality Uncommon
30 Tamori Tamoko Personality Rare
70 Tanemono Personality Common
13 Temple to Fudo Holding Common
78 Tested Land Region Uncommon
145 Testimony Strategy Uncommon
146 The Arrow's Eye Strategy Common
159 The Castle of Order Stronghold Fixed
93 The Deciding Moment Strategy Rare
108 The Earth's Strength Spell Rare
41 Thunder Dragon (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
31 Togashi Hiroto Personality Common
32 Togashi Noboru Personality Fixed
42 Tsuruchi Kohrogi Personality Common
43 Tsuruchi Nobukatsu (Experienced) Personality Fixed
147 Turning Away Strategy Uncommon
148 Turning the Story Strategy Common
149 Two Hands Strategy Rare
150 Two Stings Strategy Rare
151 Unexpected Obstacle Strategy Common
98 Unparalleled Sword Item Common
152 Unsettling Doubts Strategy Rare
153 Urgency Strategy Rare
76 Utaku Chikako Personality Rare
77 Utaku Hirononri Personality Uncommon
154 Vengeful Dismissal Strategy Common
155 Virtuous Charity Strategy Rare
83 Water Spider Adept Follower Common
156 Wide Valley Strategy Rare
18 Yasuki Baiko Personality Uncommon
19 Yasuki Tsujiken (Experienced) Personality Rare
57 Yogo Heijin Personality Rare
58 Yogo Ugimori Personality Uncommon
44 Yoritomo Akukiho Personality Uncommon
45 Yoritomo Iwashi Personality Common
Proxy-F4 Your Name is Mine Proxy Common
71 Zansho Personality Common