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Checklist of cards from Winner Cards (Pokemon)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
18 Beldum (PUSA) Metal Promo
19 Chimecho (PUSA) Psychic Promo
9 Combusken (PUSA) Fire Promo
5 Dark Ivysaur Grass Promo
6 Dark Venusaur Grass Promo
12 Darkness Energy (PUSA) Special Energy Promo
1 Electabuzz (Best of Game) Lightning Promo
20 Flygon (PUSA #25) Colorless Promo
16 Flygon (PUSA) (EX Dragon) Colorless Promo
10 Grovyle (PUSA) Grass Promo
2 Hitmonchan (Best of Game) Fighting Promo
11 Marshtomp (PUSA) Water Promo
13 Metal Energy (PUSA) Special Energy Promo
14 Multi Energy (PUSA) Special Energy Promo
15 Oran Berry (PUSA) Trainer Promo
8 Rocket's Hitmonchan (Best of Game) Fighting Promo
7 Rocket's Mewtwo (Best of Game) Psychic Promo
3 Rocket's Scizor (Best of Game) Metal Promo
4 Rocket's Sneasel (Best of Game) Darkness Promo
17 Salamence (PUSA) Colorless Promo