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Checklist of cards from War of Honor (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
71 A Samurai's Soul Item Fixed
85 A Warrior's Wisdom Strategy Fixed
8 Acrobat Troupe Holding Fixed
49 Agasha Asai Personality Fixed
50 Agasha Gifu Personality Fixed
41 Akodo Dosei Personality Fixed
66 Akodo Regulars Follower Fixed
86 Allegations Strategy Fixed
51 Asako Hoshimi Personality Fixed
52 Asako Meisuru Personality Fixed
67 Ashigaru Conscripts Follower Fixed
10 Bamboo Harvesters Holding Fixed
57 Bayushi Hikoko Personality Fixed
58 Bayushi Hirose Personality Fixed
59 Bayushi Jutsushi Personality Fixed
60 Bayushi Maemi Personality Fixed
61 Bayushi Saka Personality Fixed
62 Bayushi Shigeo Personality Fixed
63 Bayushi Sorii Personality Fixed
87 Begone, Fool! Strategy Fixed
1 Birth of the Sword Event Fixed
88 Black and White Strategy Fixed
72 Blades of the Fallen Phoenix Item Fixed
89 Block Supply Lines Strategy Fixed
11 Border Keep Holding Fixed
12 Border Village Holding Fixed
90 Changing Paths Strategy Fixed
91 Charge Strategy Fixed
92 Chasing Osano-Wo Strategy Fixed
93 Chokehold Strategy Fixed
126 City of Tears (GotE) Stronghold Fixed
94 Cold Hands, Stone Heart Strategy Fixed
78 Consumed by Five Fires Spell Fixed
13 Copper Mine Holding Fixed
95 Courtesy Strategy Fixed
96 Dance of the Void Strategy Fixed
68 Deathseeker Troop Follower Fixed
97 Desperate Mediation Strategy Fixed
14 Diamond Mine Holding Fixed
15 Disreputable House Holding Fixed
98 Embracing Virtue Strategy Fixed
2 Emissary of the Ivory Kingdoms Event Fixed
3 Enlistment Event Fixed
16 Expendable Resources Holding Fixed
17 Family Library Holding Fixed
99 Fist and Blade Strategy Fixed
100 Fortuitous Alliance Strategy Fixed
101 From Every Side Strategy Fixed
79 Fury of the Sea Spell Fixed
102 Game of Sincerity Strategy Fixed
18 Geisha House Holding Fixed
52b Glorious Path to Victory Strategy Fixed
19 Gold Mine Holding Fixed
80 Groves of Stone Spell Fixed
81 Heaven's Tears Spell Fixed
69 Hired Legion Follower Fixed
42 Ikoma Toraji Personality Fixed
4 Imperial Ambassadorship Event Fixed
53 Isawa Akihiro Personality Fixed
54 Isawa Kyoko Personality Fixed
55 Isawa Kyoko (Experienced) Personality Fixed
56 Isawa Naki Personality Fixed
20 Large Farm Holding Fixed
104 Magistrate's Accusation Strategy Fixed
43 Matsu Fumiyo Personality Fixed
44 Matsu Mansaiko Personality Fixed
45 Matsu Miyahara Personality Fixed
46 Matsu Nishijo Personality Fixed
47 Matsu Sakaki Personality Fixed
48 Matsu Yosa Personality Fixed
5 Military Alliance Event Fixed
105 My Enemy's Mercy Strategy Fixed
106 Paths of Honor & Glory Strategy Fixed
21 Permanent Encampment Holding Fixed
107 Prideful Allies Strategy Fixed
108 Ramifications Strategy Fixed
109 Relentless Conviction Strategy Fixed
110 Restoring Order Strategy Fixed
22 Rich Coffers Holding Fixed
73 Ring of Air Ring Fixed
74 Ring of Earth Ring Fixed
75 Ring of Flame Ring Fixed
83b Ring of the Void Ring Fixed
77 Ring of Water Ring Fixed
70 Ronin Brotherhood Follower Fixed
111 Seeking the Guilty Strategy Fixed
112 Settling the Homeless Strategy Fixed
127 Seven Stings Keep Stronghold Fixed
113 Shameful Death Strategy Fixed
114 Shameful Rebuke Strategy Fixed
82 Shielded by Tempest Spell Fixed
23 Shinsei's Tomb Holding Fixed
24 Shrine to Fukurokujin Holding Fixed
25 Silver Mine Holding Fixed
26 Simple Men Holding Fixed
27 Small Farm Holding Fixed
97b Soshi Idaurin Personality Fixed
65 Soshi Tabito (Experienced) Personality Fixed
115 Spinning Heel Kick Strategy Fixed
116 Stagnation Strategy Fixed
117 Striking Through the Void Strategy Fixed
83 Tempest of Flame Spell Fixed
28 Temple of Harmony Holding Fixed
29 Temple to Shinsei Holding Fixed
9 Temple to the Ancestors Holding Fixed
124 Tetsu Kama Mura Stronghold Fixed
118 The Lion's Charge Strategy Fixed
30 The Seekers' Temple Holding Fixed
84 The Storm Within Spell Fixed
119 The Wrath of Osano-Wo Strategy Fixed
33 Togashi Akagi Personality Fixed
34 Togashi Chiko Personality Fixed
113b Togashi Gato Personality Fixed
36 Togashi Kanmu Personality Fixed
37 Togashi Nakahara Personality Fixed
38 Togashi Oki Personality Fixed
39 Togashi Shiori Personality Fixed
40 Togashi Taro Personality Fixed
31 Traveling Peddler Holding Fixed
120 Unpredictable Strategy Strategy Fixed
121 Unstoppable Power Strategy Fixed
125 Venerable Plains of the Ikoma Stronghold Fixed
122 Viper Tattoo Strategy Fixed
123 Wall of Honor Strategy Fixed
32 War Encampment Holding Fixed
6 Welcome Home Event Fixed
7 Wisdom Gained Event Fixed