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Checklist of cards from SubGenious (Illuminati: New World Order)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
7 "Bobbies" Group Uncommon
34 'Frop Farm Place Uncommon
56 . . . Or Kill Me! Plot Uncommon
1 13013 Plot Uncommon
2 Advanced Supersonic Aluminum Nazi Hell Creatures from Beneath the Hollow Earth Group Uncommon
4 Anti-Slack Plot Uncommon
5 Arise! Goal Uncommon
6 Attitude Mutation Plot Uncommon
8 Brag of the SubGenius Goal Uncommon
9 Bulldada Plot Uncommon
10 Cast Out False Prophets! Goal Uncommon
11 Church of Middle America Group Uncommon
12 Church of the SubGenius Illuminati Dirt Common
13 Church of the SubGenius Illuminati Dirt Common
14 Church of the SubGenius Illuminati Dirt Common
15 Church of the SubGenius Illuminati Dirt Common
16 Citizens for Normalcy Group Uncommon
17 Comet Hail-Bob Plot Uncommon
18 Connie Dobbs Personality Uncommon
19 Corrective Phrenologists Group Uncommon
20 Dallas Catacombs Place Uncommon
21 Decency is OK! Plot Uncommon
22 Devival Plot Uncommon
23 Divine Mail Order Group Uncommon
24 Dobbstown Place Uncommon
25 Dokstok Place Uncommon
26 Dr. K'Taden Legume Personality Uncommon
27 Drs. for "Bob" Group Dirt Common
28 Eternal Salvation or Triple your Money Back Plot Uncommon
29 Excremeditation Plot Uncommon
30 Fake Healing Plot Uncommon
31 False Overman Plot Uncommon
32 False Prophets Group Uncommon
33 False Slack Plot Uncommon
35 Give Me Slack, Or Give Me Food Plot Uncommon
36 Glorps Group Uncommon
37 Good Sex for Mutants Dating League Group Dirt Common
38 Head Launching Plot Dirt Common
40 Inherently Bogus Plot Uncommon
41 Janor Device Resource Dirt Common
42 Jesus B. Personality Uncommon
43 JHVH-1 Plot Uncommon
44 Kill "Bob"! Plot Uncommon
45 League for Obvious Decency Group Dirt Common
46 Local Clenches Group Uncommon
47 Luck Plane Plot Uncommon
48 Martyr Meter Resource Dirt Common
49 Mediocretinism Plot Dirt Common
50 Miraculous Manifestation Plot Uncommon
51 More Slack Plot Uncommon
52 MWOWM Group Uncommon
53 Nental Ife Plot Uncommon
54 NHGH Personality Uncommon
55 Official, all Inclusive, Divine Excuse Plot Uncommon
57 OverMan Plot Uncommon
58 OverMan Philo Drummond Personality Uncommon
59 Phlegm Elementals Group Uncommon
60 Pinks Group Uncommon
62 Psychic Pstench Plot Uncommon
63 Rain of Prairie Squid Plot Uncommon
64 Random Jesii Plot Uncommon
65 Rant! Plot Endemic
66 Repent! Plot Uncommon
67 Reverend Ivan Stang Personality Uncommon
68 Robo "Bob" Plot Uncommon
69 Rogue SubGenii Group Uncommon
74 S.C.A.M Plot Dirt Common
80 S.L.A.K. Group Dirt Common
83 S.P.U.T.U.M. Group Dirt Common
70 Sacred Jests Plot Uncommon
71 Sacred Stencil Resource Uncommon
73 Saucer Landing Strip Place Uncommon
75 Schizm Plot Uncommon
76 Science Cannot Remove the Terror of the Gods! Goal Uncommon
77 Secret FisTemple Group Uncommon
78 Shordurpersav Plot Endemic
79 Slackfusion Plot Dirt Common
81 Smite Them All! Plot Uncommon
82 Speakers in Tongues Group Uncommon
85 St. Janor Hypercleats Personality Uncommon
84 Stark Fist of Removal Plot Uncommon
86 SubGenius FisTemples Group Rare, but...
87 Sultan of Slack Plot Uncommon
88 Tape Runs Out... Plot Dirt Common
89 The 13th Apostle Plot Uncommon
3 The Anti"Bob" Goal Uncommon
39 The Hour of Slack Group Uncommon
61 The Prescriptures Resource Dirt Common
72 The Saint of Sales Plot Uncommon
92 The True Pipe Resource Endemic
93 The World Ends Tomorrow and You May Die! Plot Uncommon
99 They May Be Pink. . . Plot Dirt Common
90 Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob" Resource Uncommon
91 Time Control Plot Uncommon
94 Group Uncommon
95 X-Day Plot Uncommon
96 Xists Group Uncommon
97 Yacatisma Plot Uncommon
98 Yetis Group Endemic
100 You'd Pay to Know What You Really Think! Plot Uncommon