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Checklist of cards from Stalingrad Gold (The War (Russian game))
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
ST-267 040 60cm Moerser "Karl" (1940) Heavy artillery G
ST-320 13th Guards Rifle Division Lieutenant General Alexander Rodimtsev Division card G
ST-211 15cm sFH36 (1938) Howitzer G
ST-319 284th Rifle Division Division card G
ST-308 75 mm Skoda model 1928 (romanian) (1942) Howitzer G
ST-263 Airstrike Special card G
ST-001 Aleksandr Vasilevsky Hero G
ST-062g Ammunition Depot Special resource G
ST-169g Ammunition Depot Special resource G
ST-172 Anti-tanks ambush Special card G
ST-314 Assault group (1942) Line infantry G
ST-061 Broken bridge Special card G
ST-306 Bussing-NAG (1940-43) Special unit G
ST-260g Camouflage Improvement G
ST-264g Camouflage Improvement G
ST-170 Capture Special card G
ST-261 Counter-attack Special card G
ST-265 Counter-attack Special card G
ST-212 Czech hedgehog Improvement G
ST-311 Distraction Tactical card G
ST-262 Field kitchen Special unit G
ST-064 For anti-aircraft fire Special card G
ST-059 Forced landing Special card G
ST-063g Frontline concert Special card G
ST-318 Guards Battlefield condition G
ST-022g Guards (1942) Heavy infantry G
ST-104g Guards SU-76M (1943) Anti-tank SPG G
ST-034g Guerrillas Tactical card G
ST-315 Gunboat Volga Flotilla (1942) Special unit G
ST-309 Hans-Ulrich Rudel Hero G
ST-313 He-50 (1933-44) Night bomber G
ST-175 Hs - 123 (1935) Night bomber G
ST-250g Ju-87D STUKA (1940) Dive bomber G
ST-005g KV-1 (1940) Heavy tank G
ST-005gn KV-1 (1940) Heavy tank G
ST-322 Man-portable Flamethrower ROKS-3 (1942) Line infantry – Flamethrower G
ST-321 Maxim's machine gun (1910) Line infantry G
ST-268 Medical platoon Special unit G
ST-168 Miss! Special card G
ST-307 Motorcyclists – Bersaglieri (italian) (1942) Motorised infantry G
ST-111g Panzergrenadiere (1942) Motorised infantry G
ST-316 Pavlov's House (1942) Fortification G
ST-312 PzKpfw 35-S 739 (f) (1941-42) Medium tank G
ST-131g PzKpfw VI TIGER (1942) Heavy tank G
ST-131gn PzKpfw VI TIGER (1942) Heavy tank G
ST-173g Raid to the Ammunition Depot Battlefield condition G
ST-171g Regrouping Special card G
ST-266 Sabotage Special card G
ST-058 Stalingrad Grain Elevator Special resource G
ST-060 Stalingrad Tractor Factory Special resource G
ST-130g StuG III Ausf. F (1941) Anti-tank SPG G
ST-030g T-34/76 (1942) Medium tank G
ST-317 Vasily Chuikov Hero G
ST-065 Vasily Zaytsev Hero G
ST-125g Vehicle recovery Special card G
ST-114g Waffen SS (1942) Heavy infantry C
ST-310 Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach Hero G