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Checklist of cards from The Desolation of Hoth (Star Wars - The Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
37-1-0178 A Message from Beyond Objective Fixed
42-6-0202 Battle of Hoth Fate Fixed
37-5-0181 Calm Event Fixed
41-3-0196 Communications Officer Unit Fixed
41-2-0195 Darth Vader Unit Fixed
39-1-0187 Echo Base Defense Objective Fixed
40-4-0192 Fear Enhancement Fixed
37-6-0065 Heat of Battle Fate Fixed
38-1-0182 Hoth Operations Objective Fixed
38-5-0186 Hoth Survival Gear Enhancement Fixed
40-2-0191 Icetromper Unit Fixed
40-3-0191 Icetromper Unit Fixed
41-6-0198 Imperial Suppression Event Fixed
41-1-0194 Lord Vader's Command Objective Fixed
37-2-0179 Old Ben's Spirit Enhancement Fixed
37-3-0179 Old Ben's Spirit Enhancement Fixed
41-4-0197 Probe Droid Unit Fixed
41-5-0197 Probe Droid Unit Fixed
38-3-0184 Rogue Three Unit Fixed
42-1-0199 Shadows on the Ice Objective Fixed
38-4-0185 Snowspeeder Unit Fixed
39-5-0189 Subzero Defenses Enhancement Fixed
39-6-0189 Subzero Defenses Enhancement Fixed
42-4-0201 Succumb to the Cold! Event Fixed
42-5-0201 Succumb to the Cold! Event Fixed
38-6-0133 Target of Opportunity Fate Fixed
40-5-0193 The Desolation of Hoth Event Fixed
40-1-0190 The Killing Cold Objective Fixed
40-6-0171 Twist of Fate Fate Fixed
42-2-200 Wampa Unit Fixed
42-3-0200 Wampa Unit Fixed
37-4-0180 Weapon Mastery Event Fixed
38-2-0183 Wedge Antilles Unit Fixed
39-2-0188 Wilderness Fighters Unit Fixed
39-3-0188 Wilderness Fighters Unit Fixed
39-4-0188 Wilderness Fighters Unit Fixed