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Checklist of cards from Assassin's Strike (Warlord)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
69 Acid Breath Action Rare
2 Alhana Genecourt Deverenian Character Rare
93 Amulet of Force Item Rare
22 Anton Cyldragen Free Kingdom Character Fixed
56 Attack of Opportunity Action Common
14 Avalanche Dwarf Character Common
28 Azamereth Flamekeeper Free Kingdom Character Uncommon
40 Ballista Crew Nothrog Character Common
3 Baroness Lucana Deverenian Character Rare
12 Basalt Gargoyle Dwarf Character Uncommon
58 Battle Rage Action Common
15 Behlial Elf Character Fixed
32 Belsamoreth Mercenary Character Uncommon
80 Black Journal Item Common
30 Black Tom of Corinth Mercenary Character Fixed
29 Blackwind Mercenary Character Rare
94 Blessed Vestments Item Uncommon
54 Bloodthirsty Action Uncommon
91 Blue Willow Staff Item Common
90 Bracers of Ogre Power Item Rare
87 Breastplate Item Common
84 Breastplate of Power Item Rare
7 Cador Deverenian Character Common
72 Contagion Action Common
52 Courage from Faith Action Common
17 Daedalia Elf Character Rare
78 Doombringer Item Rare
77 Dragonscale Shield Item Rare
1 Duchess Brymin Deverenian Character Fixed
85 Dwarven Hammer Item Uncommon
43 Excellent Reflexes Action Uncommon
44 Experienced Archer Action Common
45 Far Shot Action Common
25 Fauve Mightyheart Free Kingdom Character Rare
82 Flail Item Common
81 Handaxe Item Common
76 Havat-lahn Stance Item Uncommon
10 Heart Dwarf Character Uncommon
83 Heavy Crossbow Item Common
39 Hechun Nothrog Character Uncommon
95 Holy Symbol Item Common
92 Horn of Fog Item Common
60 Howl of the Wolves Action Rare
71 I Call Forth Valor Action Uncommon
46 Improved Initiative Action Common
48 Insect Plague Action Uncommon
75 Invisibility Potion Item Uncommon
35 Invisible Servant Mercenary Character Uncommon
24 Jack Casey Free Kingdom Character Uncommon
26 Jemman Free Kingdom Character Common
20 Kether Elf Character Common
100 Keziah's Loris Daggers Item Rare
55 Leadership Action Uncommon
38 Maakh Nothrog Character Common
16 Magheline Elf Character Uncommon
89 Misearan Poison Item Uncommon
21 Nemeseth Elf Character Common
97 Nightmist Cloak Item Rare
37 Orazhuk Nothrog Character Rare
62 Over the Top Action Uncommon
98 Portable Hole Item Rare
51 Premonition Action Rare
68 Prismatic Spray Action Rare
47 Protection Action Rare
8 Rac Ironbone Dwarf Character Rare
106 Rapid Shot Action Uncommon
6 Rhydin Deverenian Character Uncommon
64 Rhythm of Defiance Action Common
99 Robe of Eyes Item Uncommon
79 Rod of Resistance Item Uncommon
27 Rora Blackmane Free Kingdom Character Common
9 Saul Tombcarver Dwarf Character Rare
86 Scale Mail Item Uncommon
53 Scry Action Common
18 Sedwin Elfhunter Elf Character Rare
31 Senek the Poisoner Mercenary Character Rare
107 Shield of the Ancient Kings Item Uncommon
63 Shot on the Run Action Common
5 Sir Delevere Deverenian Character Common
13 Sky Dwarf Character Uncommon
73 Sleep Action Common
57 Speed of the Cheetah Action Rare
101 SS-saurth Mercenary Character Common
11 Stalwart Dwarf Character Uncommon
67 Strength of Death Action Rare
108 Tales of Blood and Fire Action Uncommon
36 Taoth Nothrog Character Rare
34 Tek and Ket Mercenary Character Common
96 Thunderhammer Item Rare
42 Timmuk Nothrog Character Common
104 Tome of Champions Item Fixed
102 Tome of Divine Wisdom Item Fixed
103 Tome of Shadows Item Fixed
105 Tome of the Archmage Item Fixed
65 Training at the Guild Action Common
33 Tyren Ruskin Mercenary Character Common
41 Urg Nothrog Character Common
4 Uriens the Defiant Deverenian Character Uncommon
74 Valorous Shield Item Uncommon
70 Vampiric Touch Action Uncommon
61 Vital Spot Action Uncommon
23 Vogurn Free Kingdom Character Rare
88 Vorpal Blade Item Rare
66 Wall of Fire Action Rare
49 Wheel of Fate Action Rare
50 Whirlwind Action Rare
59 Whirlwind Attack Action Rare
19 Wythien Elf Character Uncommon