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Checklist of cards from Introductory Two-Player Set (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Alabaster Potion Instant S
2 Battering Ram Artifact Creature S
3 Bog Imp Creature S
4 Bog Wraith Creature S
5 Circle of Protection: Black Enchantment S
6 Circle of Protection: Red Enchantment S
7 Clockwork Beast Artifact Creature S
8 Cursed Land Enchant Land S
9 Dark Ritual Instant S
10 Detonate Sorcery S
11 Disintegrate Sorcery S
12 Durkwood Boars Creature S
13 Elven Riders Creature S
14 Elvish Archers Creature S
15 Energy Flux Enchantment S
16 Feedback Enchantment S
17 Fireball Sorcery S
18 Forest Basic Land L
19 Forest Basic Land L
20 Forest Basic Land L
21 Glasses of Urza Artifact S
22 Grizzly Bears Creature S
23 Healing Salve Instant S
24 Hill Giant Creature S
25 Ironclaw Orcs Creature S
26 Island Basic Land L
27 Island Basic Land L
28 Island Basic Land L
29 Jayemdae Tome Artifact S
30 Lost Soul Creature S
31 Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Creature S
32 Mesa Pegasus Creature S
33 Mons's Goblin Raiders Creature S
34 Mountain Basic Land L
35 Mountain Basic Land L
36 Mountain Basic Land L
37 Murk Dwellers Creature S
38 Orcish Artillery Creature S
39 Orcish Oriflamme Enchantment S
40 Pearled Unicorn Creature S
41 Phantom Monster Creature S
42 Plains Basic Land L
43 Plains Basic Land L
44 Plains Basic Land L
45 Power Sink Instant S
46 Pyrotechnics Sorcery S
47 Raise Dead Sorcery S
48 Reverse Damage Instant S
49 Rod of Ruin Artifact S
50 Scathe Zombies Creature S
67 Scryb Sprites Creature S
51 Sorceress Queen Creature S
52 Swamp Basic Land L
53 Swamp Basic Land L
54 Swamp Basic Land L
55 Terror Instant S
56 Twiddle Instant S
57 Unsummon Instant S
58 Untamed Wilds Sorcery S
59 Vampire Bats Creature S
60 Wall of Bone Creature S
61 War Mammoth Creature S
62 Warp Artifact Enchant Artifact S
63 Weakness Enchantment S
64 Whirling Dervish Creature S
65 Winter Blast Sorcery S
66 Zephyr Falcon Creature S