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Checklist of cards from Westeros (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
128 A Lannister Pays His Debts Event C
166 A Whisper in the Right Ear Event C
182 Abduction Event U
89 Aegon's Garden Location C
199 Alliance Plot U
189 Archers Character C
21 Arya Stark Character U
197 As Hard as the Winter Event R
47 Asshai'i Priestess Character R
200 Attack from the Sea Plot U
190 Bannermen Character C
191 Black Ears Character C
4 Blood of the First Men Event C
102 Bloodlust Event C
22 Bran Stark Character R
6 Brienne of Tarth Character U
86 Bronn Character U
61 Burden of Authority Attachment R
201 Calling the Banners Plot U
183 Casterly Rock Location U
184 Castle Moat Location U
23 Catelyn Stark Character U
117 Cersei Lannister Character U
126 Chamber of the Painted Table Location R
P2 Chella Daughter of Cheyk Character P
156 City Watch Character C
202 Clash of Kings Plot U
103 Consolidation of Power Event R
104 Contested Claim Event C
105 Counterplot Event R
203 Counting Coppers Plot U
192 Crannogmen Character C
49 Craven Attachment R
48 Dark Pact Attachment C
106 Dark Wings, Dark Words Event C
107 Dissention Event U
108 Distraction Event C
64 Dragonbone Hall Location R
127 Dragonmont Location R
79 Dragonstone Elite Character C
24 Eddard Stark Character U
179 Envoy of Lannisport Attachment R
110 Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords Event U
111 Feigned Death Event R
198 Feint Event C
205 Filthy Accusations Plot U
206 Fleets of Dragonstone Plot U
193 Freerider Character U
194 Friend to the Shadows Attachment C
112 From the Mouth of Dragonstone Event C
207 Game of Thrones Plot U
P1 Ghost Character P
97 Godswood Location C
157 Gold Cloaks Character C
181 Golden Gallery Location C
185 Golden Tooth Mines Location U
118 Grand Maester Pycelle Character U
50 Grand Maester's Chain Attachment R
164 Great Hall Location C
98 Great Keep Location C
65 Great Sept of Baelor Location R
51 Green Dreams Attachment R
25 Grey Wind Character R
113 Grief Event R
195 Hall of Heroes Location C
2 Hand of the King Attachment R
66 Harrenhal Location R
114 Heads on Pikes Event U
115 Healing Event C
116 Hear me Roar! Event C
9 Hedge Knight Character C
10 Hedge Wizard Character C
129 Heed the Call! Event C
173 High Septon Character R
67 Highgarden Location U
26 Hodor Character R
80 Host of Storm's End Character U
172 House Baratheon House F
81 House Castellan Character C
82 House Celtigar Knight Character C
35 House Karstark Man-at-Arms Character C
171 House Lannister House F
11 House Maester Character C
159 House Septon Character C
5 House Stark House F
83 House Strategist Character C
36 House Tully Recruiter Character C
84 House Tyrell Guard Character U
160 House Tyrell Knight Character C
37 House Umber Knight Character C
130 I Never Bet Against My Family Event U
62 Ice Attachment R
131 Interrogate Event R
119 Joffrey Baratheon Character U
174 Jon Snow Character U
132 Just like the Songs Event C
133 King's Justice Event C
73 Kingswood Location U
8 Knight of Flowers Character U
52 Knighted Attachment C
27 Lady Character U
158 Lannisport Emissary Character C
161 Lannisport Moneylender Character C
162 Lannisport Spy Character C
99 Library Tower Location R
53 Little Bird Attachment C
175 Littlefinger Character R
12 Lyseni Pirates Character U
54 Maester Attachment C
40 Maester Cressen Character U
28 Maester Luwin Character U
41 Maester Pylos Character U
74 Maester's Turret Location U
209 Marched to the Wall Plot U
210 Marching Orders Plot U
211 Marriage Treaty Plot R
42 Melisandre Character R
134 Messenger Raven Event R
55 Milk of the Poppy Attachment C
68 Moat Cailin Location U
13 Moon Brothers Character U
14 Mountain Clansman Character C
135 Mummer's Trick Event C
63 Needle Attachment R
56 Noble Lineage Attachment C
212 Now it Comes to War! Plot R
29 Nymeria Character U
176 Old Bear Mormont Character R
136 Old Nan's Tales Event R
137 Ours is the Fury! Event C
138 Persuasion Event U
139 Poison Event U
213 Preemptive Strike Plot U
57 Protection of the Keep Attachment R
140 Put to the Sword Event C
141 Put to the Torch Event C
15 Pyromancers Character R
142 Quiet as a Shadow Event C
214 Rains of Autumn Plot U
143 Ransack Event C
215 Rebuilding Plot R
216 Reinforcements Plot U
43 Renly Baratheon Character U
217 Rightful Claim Plot U
208 Rioting Plot R
69 Riverrun Location R
30 Robb Stark Character R
44 Robert Baratheon Character U
100 Rookery Location R
167 Rousing the Mob Event C
218 Royal Funeral Plot R
87 Ruby of R'hllor Attachment R
177 Samwell Tarly Character R
31 Sansa Stark Character U
165 Sea Dragon Tower Location C
219 Secrets and Lies Plot U
144 Secrets Exposed Event C
16 Sellsword Character C
32 Septa Mordane Character U
45 Ser Davos Seaworth Character R
120 Ser Gregor Clegane Character R
121 Ser Ilyn Payne Character R
122 Ser Jaime Lannister Character U
33 Ser Rodrick Cassel Character U
75 Shadowblack Lane Location R
17 Shadowcat Character C
178 Shagga son of Dolf Character R
180 Shipbreaker Bay Location U
220 Siege Plot R
18 Silent Sisters Character R
125 Slandered Attachment C
85 Smuggler Character C
221 Sneak Attack Plot U
19 Sorrowful Man Character R
222 Spies in their Midst Plot U
145 Spoils of War Event U
46 Stannis Baratheon Character U
146 Stargazing Event R
223 Storm of Swords Plot U
88 Storm's End Location U
76 Street of Sisters Location R
77 Street of Steel Location R
147 Stripped of Rank Event C
34 Summer Character R
224 Summons Plot U
148 Support of the People Event R
58 Syrio's Training Attachment C
1 Taken Hostage Attachment U
225 Taxation Plot U
149 Tears of Lys Event C
150 The Dragon's Tail Event R
70 The Eyrie Location R
72 The Frostfangs Location R
196 The Goldroad Location C
123 The Hound Character R
78 The Iron Throne Location R
226 The King's Peace Plot R
P3 The King's Seal Attachment P
90 The Kingsroad Location C
3 The Lion's Mouth Location R
71 The Red Keep Location U
91 The Roseroad Location C
92 The Searoad Location C
93 The Sharp Point Location R
151 The Things I do for Love Event U
186 Theon Greyjoy Character R
227 Threat from the North Plot U
187 Timett son of Timett Character R
152 To the Lion Banner! Event C
153 To the Wolf Banner! Event C
95 Tomb of Kings Location U
20 Tourney Champion Character U
228 Tourney for the Hand Plot R
94 Tourney Grounds Location U
59 Tourney Stallion Attachment U
154 Treachery Event C
124 Tyrion Lannister Character U
155 Tywin Lannister Character R
109 Urgent Messenger Event U
60 Valyrian Steel Blade Attachment C
188 Varys Character R
163 Visited by Shadows Attachment C
38 War Host of the North Character C
229 Wardens of the North Plot U
168 Wheels within Wheels Event R
7 White Raven Character R
204 Wildfire Assault Plot U
169 Winter is Coming Event R
101 Winterfell Heart Tree Location C
39 Winterfell Vanguard Character C
170 Wolf Dreams Event R
96 Wolfswood Location R