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Checklist of cards from Premium Starter (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
L27 A Lannister Pays His Debts Event F
L4 Alliance Plot F
B17 Archers Character F
S10 Arya Stark Character F
B2 Attack from the Sea Plot F
B29 Bloodlust Event F
B10 Brienne of Tarth Character F
L12 Bronn Character F
S7 Calling the Banners Plot F
S33 Castle Defenses Event F
S9 Catelyn Stark Character F
L8 Cersei Lannister Character F
B27 Chamber of the Painted Table Location F
L16 City Watch Character F
B5 Clash of Kings Plot F
L31 Counterplot Event F
B4 Counting Coppers Plot F
S4 Counting Coppers Plot F
S17 Crannogmen Character F
L30 Dissention Event F
L29 Distraction Event F
B9 Dragonstone Elite Character F
S8 Eddard Stark Character F
S29 Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords Event F
B7 Filthy Accusations Plot F
L5 Filthy Accusations Plot F
B1 Fleets of Dragonstone Plot F
B31 From the Mouth of Dragonstone Event F
L2 Game of Thrones Plot F
S21 Godswood Location F
L18 Golden Gallery Location F
B20 Great Hall Location F
S22 Great Keep Location F
L19 Hall of Heroes Location F
L28 Hear me Roar! Event F
B15 Hedge Knight Character F
B30 Heed the Call! Event F
B12 Host of Storm's End Character F
B34 House Baratheon House F
B19 House Florent Knight Character F
S13 House Karstark Man- at- Arms Character F
L34 House Lannister House F
S19 House Mormont Spearman Character F
L17 House Payne Ambassador Character F
L13 House Septon Character F
S34 House Stark House F
S14 House Tully Recruiter Character F
S16 House Umber Knight Character F
L15 Joffrey Baratheon Character F
B32 Just like the Songs Event F
S27 King's Justice Event F
B13 Knight of Flowers Character F
L11 Lannisport Moneylender Character F
L14 Lannisport Spy Character F
B11 Maester Cressen Character F
S5 Marched to the Wall Plot F
S6 Marching Orders Plot F
S25 Milk of the Poppy Attachment F
L22 Moat Cailin Location F
S32 New Recruits Event F
S18 Nymeria Character F
S26 Put to the Sword Event F
S28 Put to the Torch Event F
L7 Rains of Autumn Plot F
B3 Rebuilding Plot F
B6 Reinforcements Plot F
B14 Renly Baratheon Character F
B33 Rescued from the Sea Event F
B8 Robert Baratheon Character F
B21 Sea Dragon Tower Location F
L1 Secrets and Lies Plot F
B18 Sellsword Character F
S11 Septa Mordane Character F
L32 Septon's Blessing Event F
L10 Ser Jaime Lannister Character F
S12 Ser Rodrick Cassel Character F
L23 Shadowblack Lane Location F
B24 Shipbreaker Bay Location F
S3 Storm of Swords Plot F
B26 Street of Sisters Location F
S24 Street of Steel Location F
L3 Summons Plot F
S2 Summons Plot F
L33 Support of Lannisport Event F
L24 Taken Hostage Attachment F
L26 Tears of Lys Event F
B25 The Red Keep Location F
B23 The Roseroad Location F
L21 The Roseroad Location F
S23 The Roseroad Location F
B22 The Searoad Location F
L20 The Searoad Location F
B16 Tourney Champion Character F
L25 Treachery Event F
L9 Tyrion Lannister Character F
B28 Visited by Shadows Attachment F
S1 Wardens of the North Plot F
L6 Wildfire Assault Plot F
S31 Winter is Coming Event F
S20 Winterfell Heart Tree Location F
S15 Winterfell Vanguard Character F
S30 “Dark Wings, Dark Words” Event F