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Checklist of cards from X2 Special Pack: Final Chief (Future Card Buddyfight)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
X2-SP-S005 Arc Dragon Shield Spell SP
X2-SP-0024 Awakening Brave Equipment, Glory Seeker Item RRR
X2-SP-0008 Bal Dragon, "Balforce Regeneration!" Impact Monster RRGR
X2-SP-0022 Bal, will try his best, bal! Spell RRR
X2-SP-S001 Batzz X Link Spell SP
X2-SP-S002 Blue Dragon Shield Spell SP
X2-SP-0026 Blue Sky Knights, Drum the Tempest Monster R
X2-SP-0037 Boomerang Dragon Returns Monster R
X2-SP-0039 Cait Sith Come Back Monster R
X2-SP-0032 Clash Crimson Battler, Guns Knuckle Dragon Monster R
X2-SP-0033 Clash Crimson Battler, Spin Nail Dragon Monster R
X2-SP-0034 Comrade, Systemic Dagger Dragon Monster R
X2-SP-0042 Crimson Steel Fist, Dragoknuckle Item R
X2-SP-0021 Dragon Lord Quake Slash!! Spell RRR
SP-R Dragonic Overlord Monster Promo
X2-SP-0012 Dragosorcerer, Magician Drum Monster RRR
X2-SP-0030 Explosive Arrest, Rampage Sonic "Turbo" Monster R
X2-SP-0031 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Alliot "SD" Monster R
X2-SP-0017 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Doble "SD" & Meglax "SD" Monster RRR
X2-SP-0023 Fifth Omni Dragon Sword, Dragobrave Item RRR
X2-SP-0009 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Lord, Fierce Deity Tenbu Monster RRR
X2-SP-0001 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Sky Emperor, Mugen Drum Monster RRGR
X2-SP-BR01 Fifth Omni Super Dragon Sky Emperor, Mugen Drum Monster BR
X2-SP-0011 Fourth Crimson Chieftain, Drum Monster RRR
X2-SP-0010 Freak-Wrist Beast Lord, Ziun Monster RRR
X2-SP-0004 Future Force, Drum the Future Limit Break Monster RRGR
X2-SP Gargantua Punisher!! Impact SP
X2-SP-0041 Gotcha! (I Catch It!) Spell R
X2-SP-S003 Green Dragon Shield Spell SP
X2-SP-0016 Hyper Rescue Dragon, Justice Drum Fire Monster RRR
X2-SP-0007 Inherited Sun, Sunshine Impact Item RRGR
X2-SP-0002 Innocent Sun Deity, Bal Dragon Monster RRGR
X2-SP-BR02 Innocent Sun Deity, Bal Dragon Monster BR
X2-SP-BR02EN Innocent Sun Deity, Bal Dragon Monster BR
X2-SP-0018 Loyal Dragon, Flarefang Dragon Monster RRR
X2-SP-0029 Morning Star Radiant Lord, Variable Cord Monster R
S-BT02-0064C Pawn: Verde Spear Monster R
X2-SP-0044 Rampage Blaster Red Heat! Impact R
X2-SP-0040 Resonance of the Omni Lords Spell R
X2-SP-0013 Returning Brave, Drum Monster RRR
X2-SS-0013JP Returning Brave, Drum Monster RRR
X2-SP-0015 Saint Holy Sword "Thunder Edge" Monster RRR
X2-SP-0035 Shocking Magic, Qinus Axia Monster R
X2-SP-0003 Sovereign War Dragon Lord, Batzz the Infinity Monster RRGR
X2-SP-BR03 Sovereign War Dragon Lord, Batzz the Infinity Monster BR
X2-SP-S004 Sun Dragon Shield Spell SP
X2-SP-0043 Tempest Thunder Knights Formation! Impact R
X2-SP-0014 Thunder Knights, Gyral Strikes Drum Monster RRR
X2-SP-0019 Thunder Knights, Heavenly Bow Dragoarcher Monster RRR
X2-SP-0027 Thunder Knights, Stirring Halberd Dragon Monster R
X2-SP-0038 Undying Wise King, Count Dawn Monster R
X2-BT01A-0001 Unwavering Shadow Lord, Mukuro Monster RRR
X2-SP-0005 Unwavering Shadow Lord, Mukuro Monster RRGR
X2-SP-0025 Valorous Deity Lord, Grangadez Monster R
X2-SP-0020 Veteran Replenisher, Pentar Monster RRR
X2-SP-0006 Warlord Sword Release Spell RRGR
X2-SP-0028 We Are Thunder Empire! Delta & Tetra Monster R
X2-SP-0036 XL Pandora Monster R