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Checklist of cards from McDonald's Promo Cards (Neopets)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
MP6 Bearog Equipment P
MP1 Blue Ixi Neopet P
MP7 Count Von Roo Villain P
MP8 Faerie Uni Neopet P
MP2 Green Lupe Neopet P
MP9 Mootix Launcher Equipment P
MP10 Pink Kadoatie Equipment P
MP11 Raindorf Equipment P
MP3 Red Kougra Neopet P
MP12 Shadow Aisha Neopet P
MP13 Snow Faerie Globe Item P
MP14 Starry Scorchio Neopet P
MP15 Tormund Hero P
MP4 Yellow Kacheek Neopet P
MP5 Yellow Shoyru Neopet P