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Checklist of cards from Enemy of my Enemy (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
122 Advance Forces Follower Uncommon
44 Agasha Kushojin Personality Common
32 Akodo Sadahige Personality Common
124 Ancestral Standard of the Lion Clan (Experienced) Item Rare
126 Armor of Tengoku Item Common
110 Ashigaru Conscripts Follower Common
147 Awaken the Eighth Spell Rare
58 Bayushi Kaibara Personality Uncommon
60 Bayushi Saya Personality Common
56 Bayushi Shinzo Personality Uncommon
57 Bayushi Sunetra (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
59 Bayushi Tsimaru (Experienced) Personality Rare
129 Blazing Arrow Item Common
92 Blight of War Action Common
77 Celestial Road Region Rare
94 Charge of the First Legion Action Uncommon
50 Chi'kel Personality Uncommon
80 Clash of Steel Action Rare
137 Cleansing Spirit Kiho Uncommon
79 Clumsy Ambush Action Common
109 Complex Maneuvers Action Rare
90 Contest of Iaijutsu Action Common
84 Contest of Power Action Common
85 Contest of Testimony Action Common
87 Contest of Wealth Action Common
88 Control the Roads Action Uncommon
131 Crown of the Amethyst Champion Item Uncommon
7 Curio Shop Holding Common
125 Daidoji Armor Item Common
111 Daidoji Gunso Follower Common
21 Daidoji Shihei Personality Common
78 Darkwater Bay Region Uncommon
10 Diplomatic Retreat Holding Common
45 Doji Akiko (Experienced) Personality Rare
20 Doji Choshi Personality Uncommon
22 Doji Masaru (Experienced) Personality Rare
24 Doji Ran Personality Uncommon
23 Doji Reju (Experienced 3) Personality Rare
139 Embrace the Stone Kiho Uncommon
132 Emma-O's Amulet Item Rare
1 Equal Match Event Rare
95 Excellence Action Rare
97 Fire on the Sea Action Rare
148 Fires of Battle Spell Uncommon
113 Flag Messengers Follower Common
83 Foolish Words Action Rare
5 Fortified Camp Holding Common
6 Fu Leng's Tomb (Experienced) Holding Rare
144 Gohei Sensei Sensei Rare
138 Harmony in Chaos Kiho Common
64 Hasaiki no Oni Personality Common
16 Hida Kisada (Experienced) Personality Rare
15 Hida Nari Personality Uncommon
17 Hida Sadaharu (Experienced) Personality Fixed
18 Hiruma Tokimune Personality Common
65 Hohiro Personality Uncommon
70 Ide Bantu Personality Uncommon
52 Ikm'atch-tek (Experienced) Personality Rare
33 Ikoma Yasuko (Experienced) Personality Rare
142 Imbue Chi Kiho Common
9 Imperial Artificer Holding Common
112 Iron Warriors Follower Rare
47 Isawa Jumon Personality Uncommon
46 Isawa Kazushi Personality Common
128 Jade Tetsubo Item Common
14 Kaiu Natsukiwa Personality Common
25 Kakita Osei Personality Common
143 Kedamono Sensei Sensei Rare
96 Kharmic Confrontation Action Rare
26 Kitsuki Otojiro Personality Common
54 Kr'chan Personality Common
51 Ku'chek Personality Common
133 Kuni Nakanu's Journals Item Uncommon
19 Kuni Okichi Personality Uncommon
81 Legacy of Dragons Action Uncommon
34 Matsu Aoiko (Experienced) Personality Rare
36 Matsu Nanako Personality Common
37 Matsu Robun Personality Uncommon
35 Matsu Takuya Personality Uncommon
102 Meeting the Keepers Action Rare
100 Midnight Raid Action Uncommon
27 Mirumoto Hakahime Personality Common
28 Mirumoto Hirohisa Personality Uncommon
29 Mirumoto Yuichi Personality Uncommon
119 Morale Officer Follower Common
73 Moto Akikazu Personality Uncommon
71 Moto Gonnohyoe Personality Rare
72 Moto Hanzhi (Experienced) Personality Rare
115 Munemitsu no Oni Follower Rare
98 Ninja Sabotage Action Uncommon
55 O'kichit Personality Fixed
127 Oni-Daikyu Item Rare
118 Opportunists Follower Common
152 Osaku's Lifeblood Spell Uncommon
91 Outmaneuvered by Tactics Action Uncommon
116 Personal Assassin Follower Uncommon
150 Plague of Insects Spell Uncommon
68 Rama Singh Personality Uncommon
120 Ratling Trackers Follower Common
66 Rezan (Experienced) Personality Rare
153 Rite of Travel Spell Rare
13 Rosoku Personality Rare
93 Sacrifice of Pawns Action Rare
82 Sadane Contest Action Common
140 Sap the Spirit Kiho Uncommon
101 Scour the Earth Action Common
76 Seikitsu Mountains Region Uncommon
62 Sentei no Oni Personality Rare
69 Seppun Toshiaki Personality Uncommon
2 Sezaru Returns Event Uncommon
151 Shadow of Amaterasu Spell Uncommon
48 Shiba Naoya Personality Uncommon
49 Shiba Yoma (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
3 Shining Son Event Rare
75 Shinjo Fuyuko Personality Common
74 Shinjo Tsuyoshi Personality Common
155 Shiro Kitsuki Stronghold Fixed
61 Shosuro Adeiko Personality Common
12 Shrine of Thwarted Destiny Holding Common
89 Sinister Rebirth Action Rare
104 Soften the Resistance Action Common
123 Sohei Guardian Follower Common
108 Stagnant Ground Action Rare
141 Stinging Insects Kiho Rare
146 Strange Magics Spell Rare
67 Suiteiru no Oni (Experienced) Personality Rare
30 Tamori Shiki (Experienced) Personality Fixed
154 Temple of Persistence Stronghold Fixed
103 The Bear Returns Action Rare
130 The Better Gift Item Uncommon
8 The Hidden Heart of Iuchiban (Experienced) Holding Rare
99 The Shogun's Command Action Rare
107 The Snake Speaks Action Uncommon
135 The Steel Throne (Experienced) Item Uncommon
105 Three Storms Action Uncommon
86 Tighten Patrol Action Uncommon
149 To Seek the Truth Spell Uncommon
31 Togashi Ieshige (Experienced) Personality Rare
11 Tortoise Ambassador Holding Rare
39 Tsuruchi Risako Personality Rare
38 Tsuruchi Shunso Personality Common
145 Tsusung Sensei Sensei Rare
106 Unfamiliar Ground Action Common
121 Untested Scouts Follower Common
114 Wandering Budoka Follower Rare
156 Warrens of the One Tribe Stronghold Fixed
134 Writ of Command Item Uncommon
136 Writ of Restriction Item Uncommon
4 Yobanjin Alliance Event Uncommon
63 Yojireru no Oni Personality Common
117 Yoriki Follower Common
42 Yoritomo Bokkai Personality Uncommon
43 Yoritomo Naizen (Experienced) Personality Rare
40 Yoritomo Shumei Personality Common
41 Yoritomo Suketsune Personality Uncommon
53 Zamalash Personality Uncommon