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Checklist of cards from Swords of Retribution (WarCry)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
87 Abandoned Fort Unit Uncommon
113 Aethrilmar, Prince of Ulthuan Unit Rare
29 All We Have to Give Action Common
30 Altered Orders Action Uncommon
31 Altered Strategies Action Rare
34 Altered Tactics Action Common
35 Applied Knowledge Action Uncommon
103 Axelbrand Rainultz Unit Very Rare
119 Banner of the World Dragon Unit Rare
110 Banner of Ursun Unit Rare
95 Barak's Ironbeards Unit Common
2 Bilerot's Marauders Unit Rare
11 Blackspear's Sacrificers Unit Rare
101 Bolok Rocksmasher, Drummer of Karaz A Karak Unit Common
104 Boris Mikhail Unit Common
105 Boris's Griffon Legion Unit Uncommon
3 C'ulvan The Decayed Unit Rare
4 C'ulvan's Chosen Unit Uncommon
5 C'ulvans Pestilence Swarm Unit Uncommon
36 Change in the Currents Action Common
37 Changes in the Plan of Attack Action Rare
38 Clarity of the Veteran Action Uncommon
26 Conductor of the Waaagh Unit Common
88 Dark Emissary Unit Common
12 Death Reapers Unit Common
13 Death Swords Unit Common
96 Dokkenrok Whitebeard Unit Rare
89 Earthworks Unit Common
90 Ebonfang Unit Rare
114 Eldorion Brightwood Unit Uncommon
39 Empowerment Action Uncommon
40 End Game Maneuvering Action Uncommon
41 Extended to your Limits Action Rare
43 Fill the Gaps in the Line Action Uncommon
44 Forest Action Common
45 Fortune on the Winds Action Uncommon
46 Full Pull and Release Action Common
91 Furgut Unit Uncommon
47 Get it Right This Time Action Common
112 Glorenlil Suregrace Unit Very Rare
20 Grimgore's Spider Riders Unit Uncommon
97 Grimjaw's Drillers Unit Uncommon
98 Grimjaw's Flying Cannons Unit Rare
99 Grimjaw's Grudgebearers Unit Uncommon
21 Grubbi's Goblin Elfsnappers Unit Common
14 Ha'asek's Blackswords Unit Uncommon
48 Herd of Wild Horses Action Uncommon
49 Herd of Wild Pegasi Action Rare
17 Hydra Banner Unit Rare
32 I'm Coming for You! Action Very Rare
50 Influence Fate Action Common
51 Ingrained Tactics Action Common
52 Jasenland's Probing Tactics Action Rare
107 Katarin's Kossars Unit Uncommon
108 Katarin's Lancers Unit Uncommon
106 Katarin, Bringer of Winter Unit Rare
18 Khardil, Herald of Naggaroth Unit Common
10 Khron Nightglade Unit Very Rare
8 Kurlon The Rotten, Trumpeter of Decay Unit Common
33 Last Ditch Effort Action Very Rare
53 Lead by Example Action Uncommon
54 Lessons Learned Action Common
100 Makaisson's Bellows Unit Common
55 Master of the Battlefield Action Rare
56 Maximize Resources Action Uncommon
111 Mikhail Alekhsko Unit Common
57 Misguided Tactics Action Common
92 Morrigan's Mercenaries Unit Rare
58 Moving On Action Uncommon
59 Never Stop Action Common
15 Nordhil Blackspear Unit Rare
60 Nothing Left Action Rare
61 Nothing Saved Action Common
9 Plague Banner Unit Rare
6 Plague Bearers Unit Uncommon
62 Plan Twice, Attack Once Action Rare
63 Power Drain Action Rare
42 Quick Strike Action Rare
27 Raggedy Banner Unit Rare
64 Rally to the Banner Action Common
65 Recon Reports Action Rare
66 Redistribution Action Common
16 Ryna Bloodraven Unit Rare
67 Sacred Ground Action Uncommon
68 Shift in Power Action Common
69 Stand Together as One Action Uncommon
102 Standard of Taunting Unit Rare
70 Strategies of Sacrifice Action Rare
71 Supply Line Confusion Action Uncommon
72 Sweeping Flank Action Uncommon
115 Swiftstrike Unit Uncommon
7 Tai'ir The Putrid Unit Uncommon
73 Take Their Place Action Rare
74 Test of Faith Action Rare
75 Test of Will Action Rare
76 Testing Fate Action Common
77 The Face of Horror Action Common
78 The Price has Been Paid Action Rare
79 Tightened Ranks Action Uncommon
80 Troubles Come not Single Spies Action Common
93 Truthsayer Unit Common
120 Tylith Puresong Unit Common
109 Tzar Brodski Unit Uncommon
81 Unexpected Backlash Action Rare
82 Unexpected Tactics Action Uncommon
22 Urguck's 'eadloppas Unit Uncommon
23 Urguck's Manstompas Unit Common
24 Urguck's Sneaky Shootaz Unit Uncommon
25 Vagar Dwarfstomper Unit Rare
94 Varadin Redbeard Unit Very Rare
19 Vorott the Masher Unit Very Rare
28 War Banner Unit Rare
83 Watch and Learn Action Uncommon
84 Weaken their Ranks Action Rare
85 When We Need It The most Action Rare
116 Whitestar's Defenders Unit Common
117 Whitestar's Skirmishers Unit Common
118 Whitestar's Swordmasters Unit Rare
86 You Get What You Invest In Action Rare
1 Zevael, Greater Daemon of Khorne Unit Very Rare