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Checklist of cards from Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm (YuGiOh!)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
SD8-EN028 Aqua Chorus Trap Card / Continuous Fixed
SD8-EN009 Birdface Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN008 Bladefly Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN030 Call of the Haunted Trap Card / Continuous Fixed
SD8-EN018 Card Destruction Spell/Magic Card Fixed
SD8-EN032 Dark Coffin Trap Card Fixed
SD8-EN029 Dust Tornado Trap Card Fixed
SD8-EN021 Elegant Egotist Spell/Magic Card Fixed
SD8-EN006 Flying Kamakiri #1 Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN004 Harpie Girl Monster Fixed
SD8-EN013 Harpie Lady 1 Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN014 Harpie Lady 2 Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN015 Harpie Lady 3 Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN007 Harpie Lady Sisters Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN017 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN024 Harpies' Hunting Ground Spell/Magic Card / Field Fixed
SD8-EN022 Heavy Storm Spell/Magic Card Fixed
SD8-EN027 Hysteric Party Trap Card / Continuous Fixed
SD8-EN036 Icarus Attack Trap Card Fixed
SD8-EN011 Lady Ninja Yae Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN026 Lightning Vortex Spell/Magic Card Fixed
SD8-EN031 Magic Jammer Trap Card / Counter Fixed
SD8-EN019 Mystical Space Typhoon Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Fixed
SD8-EN035 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation Trap Card / Continuous Fixed
SD8-EN020 Nobleman of Crossout Spell/Magic Card Fixed
SD8-EN033 Reckless Greed Trap Card Fixed
SD8-EN023 Reload Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Fixed
SD8-EN012 Roc From The Valley of Haze Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN034 Sakuretsu Armor Trap Card Fixed
SD8-EN010 Silpheed Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN001 Simorgh, Bird of Divinity Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN005 Slate Warrior Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN003 Sonic Duck Monster Fixed
SD8-EN002 Sonic Shooter Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN016 Swift Birdman Joe Monster / Effect Fixed
SD8-EN025 Triangle Ecstasy Spark Spell/Magic Card Fixed