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Checklist of cards from Eternal Phoenix (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
2 Aegis, Sage of Fire and Lightning Creature Very Rare
3 Akashic First, Electro-Dragon Creature Very Rare
54 Akashic Second, Electro-Spirit Creature Common
19 Akashic Third, the Electro-Bandit Creature Rare
55 Animatrain, the Daring Beast Creature Common
7 Asteria, Spirit of Heaven's Blessing Creature Rare
S3 Asylum, the Dragon Paladin Creature Super Rare
S2 Auzesu, the Demonic Holy Spirit Creature Super Rare
1 Balforce, the Demonic Holy Spirit Creature Very Rare
10 Belzeber, Emperor of Death Evolution Creature Rare
27 Breiga, the Wicked Protector Creature Uncommon
40 Bye-Bye Amoeba Creature Common
15 Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie Creature Rare
37 Creis Dober, Barrier Guardian Creature Common
S4 Dolgeza, Veteran of Hard Battle Creature Super Rare
6 Dorothea, the Explorer Creature Rare
23 Drill Mutant Creature Uncommon
S1 Eternal Phoenix, Phoenix of the Dragonflame Evolution Creature Super Rare
42 Fallen Monk of the Bloodstained Soil, Zahaku Creature Common
35 Flesh-to-Spirit Conversion Spell Uncommon
18 Fortification Against Barrage and Ambush Spell Rare
25 Funeral Song of the Beasts Spell Uncommon
28 Funnoo, Officer of Bloody Winds Creature Uncommon
S5 Galamuta, Matchless Fear Lord Creature Super Rare
34 Gashi Gashi, the Brave Puppet Creature Uncommon
4 Gaulzaganta, Spirit of the Woodland Ridges Creature Very Rare
5 Getchell, the Emitter Creature Very Rare
14 Ground Giant Creature Rare
8 Inspect Seed Creature Rare
53 Jasper, the Stubborn Creature Common
47 Joe's Toolkit Creature Common
31 Judgment of the Flame's Spear and the Water's Sword Spell Uncommon
52 Keen, the Mobile Sage Creature Common
45 Langren, the Lone Wolf Creature Common
24 Lockon Dude Jiruba Creature Uncommon
41 Magical Pot Spell Common
26 Melcap, the Mutant Explorer Creature Uncommon
13 Mettza's Iron Creature Rare
17 Mobile Saint Meermax Creature Rare
44 Nightmare Machine Spell Common
43 Niyaari, Exploding Doll Creature Common
9 Pacific Champion Evolution Creature Rare
33 Paradise of Sacred Birds and Crystal Spell Uncommon
50 Pixie Cocoon Spell Common
49 Pocopen, Counterattacking Faerie Creature Common
21 Polaris, the Oracle Creature Uncommon
39 Pulpy Goobie Creature Common
32 Queen Maiden, the Eternal Evolution Creature Uncommon
38 Rielle, the Oracle Creature Common
36 Rubels, the Explorer Creature Common
20 Sirigel, the Absorber Creature Rare
51 Spectral Worm Giunair Creature Common
12 Spiritual Star Dragon Creature Rare
29 Stronghold of Lightning and Flame Spell Uncommon
16 The Grave of Angels and Demons Spell Rare
30 Tick Tick, Swift Viral Swordfighter Creature Uncommon
48 Toxic Wasp Creature Common
11 Trombo, Fractured Doll Creature Rare
46 Zack Ranba, the Sword Attacker Creature Common
22 Zereem Crawler Creature Uncommon