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Deck "Strongarm of the Military"

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Deck "Strongarm of the Military"
76 Cards
created by lazarus Premium Member LV39 activity icon envelope icon
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This is my ALA Alchemist Military deck. I did pretty well with it when the game was alive.

Starting Allies:
Marin, Curious Girl (Can't user her ability)
Edward, Parallel Soul
Policeman, Citizen of Linter

1st Turn:
Pop Edward & grab an alchemist ally. Likely Tucker or Mustang depending on whats in your hand.
Pop Policeman & gain 1 xp. Level up on turn 2.

Play Tips:
Play Hakuro quickly = to beef soldiers STR & WITS
Play Grand Arcanum on Winry, Breda, & Hughes
Don't fight unless the battle is Alchemy
Remember to use A Clue for the Search & Change in Plans to use your locations

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Main Deck (63 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x A Clue for the Search BW 46-110 Event R
2 x Alchemist Showdown FMA 154-240 Event U
3 x Alchemist's Gloves FMA 133-240 Attachment U
2 x Blood and Water PR PR5-6 Event PR2005
2 x Bull's-eye HP 89-140 Event C
2 x Cage FMA 162-240 Event U
1 x Change in Plans AH 69-110 Event R
2 x Daring Gambit FMA 167-240 Event U
2 x Edward Elric's Spear SDS 81-140 Attachment C
1 x Edward Elric, Hero of the People PR OP5-3 Ally OP2005
1 x Edward, Parallel Soul SAC 70-140 Ally C
2 x Frenzy FMA 182-240 Event R
2 x Hakuro, General FMA 85-240 Ally R
1 x Heymans Breda, Major Armstrong AG 47-140 Ally R
2 x Intimidation FMA 189-240 Event C
1 x Kain Fuery, Master Sergeant HP 48-140 Ally R
1 x Law, Bullish SDS 54-140 Ally C
1 x Looking Back PR OP6-8 Ally OP2006
1 x Lyra's Pendant FMA 143-240 Attachment R
1 x Maes Hughes, Aggressive AH 42-110 Ally C
1 x Marin, Curious Girl FMA 130-240 Ally U
3 x Military Commission FMA 145-240 Attachment U
1 x Nash Tringham, 5th Laboratory Researcher SAC 52-140 Ally C
1 x Policeman, Citizen of Linter FMA 131-240 Ally R
2 x Pressure FMA 197-240 Event U
3 x Quick Draw FMA 199-240 Event U
2 x Reinforcements HP 52-60 Event PC
1 x Roy Mustang, Benefactor FMA 94-240 Ally U
1 x Sensei's Shadow FMA 206-240 Event R
1 x Shou Tucker, Proctor FMA 99-240 Ally U
2 x Simple Transmutation FMA 208-240 Event C
1 x State Alchemists, Dogs of the Military PR PR5-8 Ally PR2005
3 x Stone Wall FMA 212-240 Event U
3 x Suppressing Fire AH 89-110 Event C
3 x The Grand Arcanum SDS 89-140 Attachment R
1 x Veteran Alchemists, Military Elite PR OP5-5 Ally OP2005
1 x Winry Rockbell, Infiltrator SDS 58-140 Ally U
1 x Zolf J. Kimbly, Mercenary PR OP6-15 Ally P
Section: Location Deck (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Alchemist Testing Grounds FMA 221-240 Location U
1 x Art Museum BW 100-110 Location C
1 x Capitol Building BW 102-110 Location F
1 x Curtis Butcher Shop AG 128-140 Location R
1 x Dueling Grounds BW 103-110 Location R
1 x Majhal's House FMA 232-240 Location R
1 x Resembool Station SAC 133-140 Location U
1 x Tucker Estate FMA 236-240 Location U
1 x Uptown HP 140-140 Location U
Section: Leader Stack (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Alex Louis Armstrong, Expert Debater SAC 2-9d Leader X
1 x Alex Louis Armstrong, Expert Soldier AH 15-110 Leader C
1 x Alex Louis Armstrong, Expert Woodcutter AH 16-110 Leader C
1 x Hakuro, Lieutenant Fuhrer SDS 5-140 Leader R
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card type
Ally bar 18  24 %  
Attachment bar 12  16 %  
Event bar 33  43 %  
Leader bar 5 %  
Location bar 12 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 18  24 %  
F bar 1 %  
OP2005 bar 3 %  
OP2006 bar 1 %  
PC bar 3 %  
PR2005 bar 4 %  
Promo bar 1 %  
R bar 19  25 %  
U bar 28  37 %  
X bar 1 %  

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