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Deck "the naruto deck"

Deck "the naruto deck"
Format: Casual - 40 Cards
created by cursesasuke activity icon
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i am a begginer but hopefuly u like it

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Section: Ninja Cards (40 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x 8 Trigrams Palms Rotation ER ERJ-US019 Jutsu Rare
1 x A Thousand Years of Death ER ERJ-US009 Jutsu Common
1 x Bring Down The House Jutsu ER ERJ-170 Jutsu Common
1 x Chidori ER ERJ-171 Jutsu Rare
1 x Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu ER ERJ-US016 Jutsu Common
1 x Gaara of the Desert (Possessed Mode) ER ERN-179 Ninja Rare
1 x Gamabunta ER ERN-176 Ninja Super Rare
1 x Haku ER ERN-US035 Ninja Rare
1 x Harem Jutsu ER ERJ-US002 Jutsu Rare
1 x Hidden Lotus ER ERJ-US005 Jutsu Rare
1 x Immortality Jutsu ER ERJ-172 Jutsu Common
1 x Ino Yamanaka ER ERN-US013 Ninja Common
1 x Itachi Uchiha ER ERN-US037 Ninja Rare
1 x Jiraiya ER ERN-US027 Ninja Rare
1 x Kakashi Hatake ER ERN-185 Ninja Common
1 x Kisame Hoshigaki ER ERN-US038 Ninja Rare
1 x Leaf Hurricane ER ERJ-US006 Jutsu Common
1 x Lions Barrage ER ERJ-US007 Jutsu Super Rare
1 x Might Guy ER ERN-US022 Ninja Super Rare
1 x Naruto Uzumaki ER ERN-US002 Ninja Super Rare
1 x Neji Hyuga ER ERN-US017 Ninja Super Rare
1 x Orochimaru ER ERN-US030 Ninja Uncommon
1 x Primary Lotus ER ERJ-US004 Jutsu Rare
1 x Rock Lee ER ERN-US019 Ninja Uncommon
1 x Sakura Haruno ER ERN-US005 Ninja Uncommon
1 x Sand Shuriken ER ERJ-166 Jutsu Uncommon
1 x Sasuke Uchiha ER ERN-174 Ninja Uncommon
1 x Shadow Clone Jutsu ER ERJ-US001 Jutsu Super Rare
1 x Shadow Possession Jutsu ER ERJ-US017 Jutsu Uncommon
1 x Sharingan Eye ER ERJ-US008 Jutsu Rare
1 x Shikamaru Nara ER ERN-US014 Ninja Common
1 x Shukaku ER ERN-177 Ninja Super Rare
1 x Summoning Jutsu ER ERJ-163 Jutsu Common
1 x Toad Sward ER ERJ-164 Jutsu Uncommon
1 x Tsunade ER ERN-US029 Ninja Uncommon
1 x Water Clone Jutsu ER ERJ-US010 Jutsu Common
1 x Water Style: Liquid Bullets ER ERJ-165 Jutsu Rare
1 x Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu ER ERJ-US011 Jutsu Rare
1 x Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu ER ERJ-US012 Jutsu Rare
1 x Zabuza Momochi ER ERN-US033 Ninja Common
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Jutsu bar 21  53 %  
Ninja bar 19  48 %  

Distribution by Combat Attribute
- bar 40  100 %  

Distribution by Entrance Cost
- bar 40  100 %  

Distribution by Hand Cost
- bar 40  100 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 11  28 %  
Rare bar 14  35 %  
Super Rare bar 18 %  
Uncommon bar 20 %  

Distribution by Symbol
- bar 40  100 %  

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