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Format: TCG - 60 Cards
created by scr3am Premium Member LV12 activity icon envelope icon
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Section: Main Deck (60 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Apocalypse Vise DMC-27 17 Spell Rare
2 x Bazagazeal Dragon P-Y3 P2-Y3 Creature Promotional
3 x Blizzard of Spears FBoIR 37 Spell Rare
4 x Bolmeteus Steel Dragon DMC-65 6 Creature Super Rare
3 x Cloned Nightmare TotHM 26 Spell Uncommon
3 x Corile DMC-27 40 Creature Common
3 x Cranium Clamp EDoHC 27 Spell Rare
2 x Crimson Hammer BS 73 Spell Common
2 x Dia Nork, Moonlight Guardian BS 2 Creature Rare
3 x Emerald Grass BS 3 Creature Common
3 x Energy Stream DMX-14 56 Spell Common
2 x Galek, the Shadow Warrior DMX-09 44 Creature Common
4 x Ghost Touch DMX-14 49 Spell Common
2 x Holy Awe VA 11 Spell Rare
2 x Lost Soul P-Y11 P48-Y11 Spell Promotional
2 x Morbid Medicine BoGR 29 Spell Uncommon
3 x Pala Olesis, Morning Guardian DMC-34 6 Creature Rare
2 x Searing Wave RotSW 41 Spell Uncommon
3 x Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua P-Y8 P18-Y8 Creature Promotional
2 x Tanzanyte, the Awakener SWotSR 8 Creature Very Rare
4 x Terror Pit P-Y8 P28-Y8 Spell Rare
4 x Thrash Crawler DMX-07 11 Creature Uncommon
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Civilization
Darkness bar 18  30 %  
Darkness/Fire bar 3 %  
Fire bar 15  25 %  
Light bar 10  17 %  
Light/Water bar 5 %  
Water bar 10  17 %  
Water/Darkness bar 3 %  

Distribution by Cost
2 bar 15 %  
3 bar 12  20 %  
4 bar 11  18 %  
5 bar 12 %  
6 bar 15 %  
7 bar 10  17 %  
8 bar 3 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 30  50 %  
- bar 3 %  
2000 bar 8 %  
2500 bar 5 %  
3000 bar 5 %  
4000+ bar 5 %  
5000 bar 10 %  
7000 bar 7 %  
8000 bar 3 %  
9000 bar 3 %  

Distribution by Race
- bar 32  53 %  
Armored Dragon bar 10 %  
Cyber Lord bar 5 %  
Earth Eater bar 7 %  
Guardian bar 8 %  
Human/Ghost bar 3 %  
Initiate/Liquid People bar 5 %  
Spirit Quartz bar 3 %  
StarLight Tree bar 5 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 17  28 %  
Promotional bar 12 %  
Rare bar 19  32 %  
Super Rare bar 7 %  
Uncommon bar 11  18 %  
Very Rare bar 3 %  

Distribution by Type
Creature bar 28  47 %  
Spell bar 32  53 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 6 votes:

bar 3.83
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
LV10 Pakistan activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for syedzary
Member since
July 6, 2013
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Subject:    Posted: November 15, 2013 01:34 am

Nice deck but maybe u need chargers for mana acceleration.
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scr3am Premium Member
LV12 India activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for scr3am
Member since
December 17, 2012
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Subject:    Posted: November 15, 2013 06:19 am

works pretty well even without chargers so didn't include them
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LV7 Romania activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for stefanandrei28
Member since
August 1, 2013
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: November 23, 2013 01:41 am

Try out this changes:
4X Ghost Touch
4X Hulcus

I explain why.
Ghost touch is a good spell because discard is good(and at 2 mana nice), but not anytime.In ur deck u have 60 cards 4 civilization explains this number of cards ofcorse, but u need some draw power.(And u also have only stream for power.)

The other reason is that u have many other discard cards:
3X Cloned horror(1 more mana then ghost touch but better because you choose the card and u choose one more for each cloned nightmare in ur grave)
2X Lost Soul(the best discard card in game use it against control with lots of draw)
2X Galek(a card that destroy blocker Discard a card and most important gives u a body)

The FINAL REASON is that how strong is a discard card(and i choosed the worst form your deck,so you know withc one to remove) in a deck that has 60 cards and many other discard cards and a draw card,you need to thing that in late game, you'll top deck most time with 60 card and only draw as energy stream. For example youu have no hand, you need a creature and your opponent has no hand and you draw ghost touch, what you say if you would had drawn hulcus instead(with your 8 mana for example you summon hulcus then draw corille and summon, now how is that? just an example).
SO THE POINT IS in late game you want to draw a ghost touch(which could even be a dead draw if your opponent has no hand)?, or do u want to thin your deck(to draw)?

Also some other fancy good late draw to replace the 4 ghost touch:
3X Hulcus
!X Miraculous Plague(Is really a miracle if you draw it later game)
Back to top Modified on November 23, 2013 02:11 am 
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