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Deck "Check the Weather"

Deck "Check the Weather"
66 Cards
created by kearmith activity icon
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Starting crew

Yngvild Olafssdottir (Captain)
Ian O'Toole
Josephina Culpepper
Scurvy Dog
The RAM (Ship)

One of the funny part is playing two sorcery trait with your Captain: Yngvild Olafssdottir Laerdon and Glamour (provide by the ship)

The second funny part with this deck is about the capacity to make a lot of damage in distance... You can surprise people!

- In the same SEA by paying only 1 of adventure

Use Villskap (Fury) to inflict2 Hits
Because it's weatther card and it's attach to your captain you can use the other card like

Nod (Intensity) +2 Hits
Robin Goodfellow +3 Hits
Bones of your Ancestors +3 Hits

You just made 10 Hits by paying 1 Adventure (tacking one crew)

The disctance way

Use one of any Weather Action cards to inflict Hits and do the same thing
Nod (Intensity) +2 Hits
Robin Goodfellow +3 Hits
Bones of your Ancestors +3 Hits

Just for exemple "The Living Storm" 3 Hits

a little 11 hits without taking any crew!!!

At end, if Something survive, finish it by canon Attack with your 2 gunners on board


Card list Group cards by  
Type: Actions (18 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Betrayal Iron 15 Actions R
3 x Major Hull Damage Iron 65 Actions R
3 x The Living Storm BroadSides 99 Actions U
3 x The Spear of the West Wind Debt 61 Actions U
3 x Théah Eats the Weak Iron 109 Actions C
3 x “Take It Like a Man!” Iron 131 Actions F
Type: Adventures (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Avalon Noble Iron 342 Adventures F
1 x Nibelungen Forge Debt 120 Adventures R
Type: Attachments (24 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Bones of Our Ancestors Horizon's 80 Attachments R
1 x Hammocks Iron 456 Attachments R
3 x Nod (Intensity) Tides 130 Attachments U
3 x Persuasion Iron 487 Attachments F
1 x Respect of your Men Iron 498 Attachments R
3 x Robin Goodfellow Horizon's 84 Attachments U
3 x Sterk (Wholeness) Iron 520 Attachments U
1 x The Proud Banner of the Vestenmannavnjar Syrenth 135 Attachments R
1 x The Setine Key Iron 529 Attachments F
3 x Villskap (Fury) Iron 538 Attachments F
1 x Ward of the Albatross Iron 540 Attachments R
1 x Yngvild's Axe Iron 543 Attachments F
Type: Captains (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Yngvild Olafssdottir Iron 618 Captains F
Type: Crew (18 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Aleen Van Ostrand Reaper 48 Crew C
3 x Egil Bergljot Larrson Tides 54 Crew U
1 x Ian O'Toole Iron 207 Crew F
3 x Ilya “Gadalka” Letinovich Horizon's 34 Crew C
1 x Josephina Culpepper Horizon's 38 Crew C
3 x Ketty Tappan Reaper 76 Crew C
3 x Roald Andreasson Horizon's 48 Crew C
1 x Scurvy Dogs Tides 80 Crew C
Type: Ships (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x The Ram Syrenth 149 Ships R
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Faction
- bar 46  70 %  
Crimson Rogers bar 2 %  
Unaligned bar 3 %  
Vesten bar 17  26 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 17  26 %  
F bar 16  24 %  
R bar 15  23 %  
U bar 18  27 %  

Distribution by Type
Actions bar 18  27 %  
Adventures bar 6 %  
Attachments bar 24  36 %  
Captains bar 2 %  
Crew bar 18  27 %  
Ships bar 2 %  

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