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reasons for cancellation

For you to be able to use our site successfully it is vital that you receive our email messages correctly. Our messages may be inappropriately classified as spam by email service providers and this could cause your membership to be terminated or other kinds of problems, like not receiving trade offers from other users of the site.

To prevent these issues you should make sure to follow ALL THESE STEPS:

  1. Check in your spam folder (where your email client redirects and stores the messages it considers spam) and check if you can find there messages from our site. If so, mark them as not-spam.
  2. Add our domain name ( as a trusted sender in your email client. How to do this varies depending on how you access your email. For example, if you use Hotmail, you should go to: Options / More options... / Safe and blocked senders / Safe senders Opciones / Más opciones... / Remitentes seguros y bloqueados / Remitentes seguros. If you use Gmail, then you will have to create a filter. If you use a desktop application to read your email then please read its help for info on how to do this.
  3. Add this email address to your contacts:
    Please do not send messages directly to that address though, unless as a reply to a previous message from us.

If you still have any issues receiving our messages after performing all these steps, then please send us a note through the section indicating your user name, your email address, and what types of messages you seem to be missing from us. We will try to find out what the problem might be.