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Tracked Trade Details

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Ref. Status Started on Completed on
311876 Completed September 7, 2012 September 16, 2012
User A: giladpellaeon  LV7 (Trader Level 1) in France
List of cards to be sent by user giladpellaeon, 27 in total: [Hide/Show images]
amount card game set # type rarity foil language comments
1 Tatooine: Mos Espa [DS]
Tatooine: Mos Espa [DS]
SW Tatooine 34 Location C English
1 Tatooine: Podrace Arena [DS]
Tatooine: Podrace Arena [DS]
SW Tatooine 35 Location C English
1 A Jedi's Focus
A Jedi's Focus
SW Tatooine 47 Interrupt C English
1 A Jedi's Patience
A Jedi's Patience
SW Tatooine 48 Interrupt C English
1 A Step Backward
A Step Backward
SW Tatooine 50 Interrupt U English
1 Caldera Righim
Caldera Righim
SW Tatooine 54 Character C English
1 Changing The Odds
Changing The Odds
SW Tatooine 55 Used Interrupt C English
1 Don't Do That Again
Don't Do That Again
SW Tatooine 57 Effect C English
1 Entering The Arena
Entering The Arena
SW Tatooine 60 Interrupt U English
1 Eopie
SW Tatooine 61 Vehicle C English
1 Eventually You'll Lose
Eventually You'll Lose
SW Tatooine 62 Interrupt U English
1 Jedi Escape
Jedi Escape
SW Tatooine 68 Interrupt C English
1 Neck And Neck
Neck And Neck
SW Tatooine 72 Interrupt U English
1 Tatooine: Podracer Bay
Tatooine: Podracer Bay
SW Tatooine 82 Location C English
1 The Camp
The Camp
SW Tatooine 84 Effect C English
1 Too Close For Comfort
Too Close For Comfort
SW Tatooine 87 Interrupt U English
1 What Was It?
What Was It?
SW Tatooine 88 Effect U English
1 You'll Find I'm Full Of Surprises
You'll Find I'm Full Of Surprises
SW Tatooine 90 Interrupt U English
1 Romas "Lock" Navander
Romas "Lock" Navander
SW Hoth 99 Character U English
1 Tamizander Rey
Tamizander Rey
SW Hoth 101 Character U English
1 Wyron Serper
Wyron Serper
SW Hoth 107 Character U English
1 Wuta
SW Endor 123 Character U English
1 Captain Jonus
Captain Jonus
SW DStarII 10 Character U English
1 Mon Calamari [LS]
Mon Calamari [LS]
SW DStarII 150 Location C English
1 Sullust [LS]
Sullust [LS]
SW DStarII 151 Location C English
1 Red Squadron 4
Red Squadron 4
SW DStarII 173 Starship U English
1 Red Squadron 7
Red Squadron 7
SW DStarII 174 Starship U English
Saint Mande, Val de Marne
User B: peterxeric  LV7 (Trader Level 2) in Netherlands, The
List of cards to be sent by user peterxeric, 1 in total: [Hide/Show images]
amount card game set # type rarity foil language comments
1 Bossk In Hound's Tooth
Bossk In Hound's Tooth
SW Special 139 Starship R English mint
wijchen, gelderland
Netherlands, The
First sender
giladpellaeon is to send first his or her part of this trade.
Money exchange
The following is also agreed upon as part of this trade:
User peterxeric will pay 5€ to user giladpellaeon
History of this Trade
Date Actor Event New status
September 7, 2012 04:07 pm peterxeric Trade initiated Modified by user B
September 7, 2012 11:58 pm giladpellaeon Trade accepted Accepted
September 8, 2012 02:35 am giladpellaeon Cards sent First shipment sent
September 11, 2012 09:09 am peterxeric Cards received First shipment received
September 13, 2012 07:57 am peterxeric Cards sent Second shipment sent
September 16, 2012 10:19 am giladpellaeon Cards received Completed

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