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Trader Public Page for iamcaler0

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Total cards: 16 Trader iamcaler0 Premium Member  in Spain (Madrid)
This page viewed 3,176 times. Member since: July 20, 2009 (8 years, 9 months and 4 days ago)
Cards Listings
This trader HAS cards from the following games:
Magic: The Gathering
iamcaler0 is offering a total of 16 cards for trade.
This trader WANTS cards from the following games:
Magic: The Gathering
iamcaler0 is looking for a total of 505 cards.
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Card Reviews
iamcaler0 has not published any Card Reviews yet.
iamcaler0 has not yet built any Decks
Dream Cards
iamcaler0 has not yet invented any Dream Cards
This user has not posted messages in the forums yet.
The Buzz
Trades and References
This user has completed successfully 10 Tracked Trades, but also let Trades to expire 20 times.
Check here all the details about the trades performed by this user.
Trade Evaluations Received
This user has not received any evaluations yet.
Average delays
(10 trades)
(0 trades)
Shipment 40 hours and 30 minutes. N/A
Delivery 9 days, 3 hours and 20 minutes. N/A

Shipments sent and lost: 15.4% (2 / 13)

Shipments not received: 0% (0 / 11)

These are the 31 references that trader iamcaler0 has received,
sorted by the date they were granted.

6 references from active users:

Referrer Country Date
ivancambio LV38 activity Spain-Orense Spain November 26, 2012
nazgul Premium Member LV55 activity Spain-Vizcaya Spain March 7, 2012
luissonia LV51 activity Spain-Burgos Spain February 21, 2012
armeringo LV50 activity Spain-Sevilla Spain September 22, 2009
pistolas Premium Member LV226 activity Spain-Alicante Spain August 20, 2009
joserra LV48 activity Spain-Navarra Spain August 17, 2009

Plus 25 old references from users not registered any more in Trade Cards Online:

Referrer Country Date
tanatos Spain-Córdoba Spain October 23, 2012
chikimau Spain-Cádiz Spain February 23, 2012
raulrubio Spain-Castellón Spain February 15, 2012
losus Spain-Coruña Spain February 13, 2012
javier69 Spain-Málaga Spain October 1, 2011
cherok_klb Spain-Guadalajara Spain November 7, 2009
daryludo Spain-Tarragona Spain October 13, 2009
enoch Spain-Orense Spain October 5, 2009
jmbernal Spain-Madrid Spain September 24, 2009
adryctc Spain-León Spain September 22, 2009
petule Spain-Cádiz Spain September 22, 2009
gohandani Spain Spain September 17, 2009
xzibit_bcn_2007 Spain-Barcelona Spain September 8, 2009
mpau Spain-Alicante Spain August 26, 2009
borriolenc Spain-Castellón Spain August 26, 2009
crbthebest Spain-Barcelona Spain August 25, 2009
ositosupe Spain-Barcelona Spain August 24, 2009
bahamutgod Spain-Valencia Spain August 21, 2009
lolilin37 Spain-Murcia Spain August 20, 2009
dante85 Spain-Badajoz Spain August 18, 2009
tron77 Spain-Murcia Spain August 17, 2009
er_alexis Spain-Cádiz Spain August 14, 2009
kingof Spain-Murcia Spain August 14, 2009
swminis Spain-Cádiz Spain August 13, 2009
masterfran Spain-Cádiz Spain August 12, 2009

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